"My office feels sorry for those who have to deal with an EMR that is not Amazing Charts."

                                                            — Catherine P. Montgomery, MD, Voorhees, NJ


A Shared Vision of Better Patient Care

In November 2012, Amazing Charts joined forces with Pri-Med, a trusted source for professional medical education to over 260,000 clinicians since 1995. 

According to a recent poll, while less than one percent of Amazing Charts users reported receiving CME through their EHR system, more than eighty-one percent want a more direct connection between continuing medical education and patient health outcomes.  

In that wide gap between aspirations and reality, we see an exciting opportunity to serve your needs in a whole new way.

Using Amazing Charts to Learn 

In the near future, Pri-Med and Amazing Charts will begin offering individualized CME recommendations based on information you provide us from your Amazing Charts EHR.

We believe that tying the latest medical knowledge to an EHR will help you more easily keep up with the latest medical knowledge and the pace at which practice recommendations change, and even more importantly, support better patient outcomes.

Ready to experience firsthand what it’s all about? 

Pri-Med and Amazing Charts are partnering to study education needs surrounding Diabetes and select other chronic diseases to inform future CME programs. Learn more about our EHR Patient Panel Study by contacting [email protected].

Or, come see us in person at an upcoming Pri-Med conference to learn more about our unique EHR solution, access Amazing Charts user support groups and experience what’s ahead.