"A nurse from one of the largest private schools in our state said that our immunization records are the best looking and cleanest she has ever seen."

— Galen Y.K. Chock, MD, Honolulu, HI


Articles about Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is regularly featured in journals, news, and review websites. Below are some of the more recent articles about our product and company.

Business News Daily
EHR Systems for Small Practices: 2016 Recommendations

(November 2015)

Physicians Practice
How One Doc Made ICD-10 Work

(November 2015)

Experiences Crafting a New API at Amazing Charts

(August 2015)

Healthcare IT News
Stage 3 meaningful use: What's next?

(August 2015)

HIT Leaders & News
Five steps to avoid a 'Code Blue' situation when making the switch to ICD-10

(June 2015)


Physicians Practice
Amazing Charts user featured in article about Direct Primary Care.

(May 2015)


Medical Marketing & Media
EHR Update: Record Correction

(May 2015)


Switching EHRs Adds Functionality but Not Always Satisfaction

(April 2015)


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