“Amazing Charts allowed me to individualize templates, plans, reminders, and more, to keep everything flowing smoothly and customized to MY needs.”

— Shannon C. Heinrich, DO


Haven’t Looked at Chronic Care Management Yet? Your Practice Could Be Earning Significant Revenue!

At the past two monthly meetings of the Clinician Advisory Board (CAB), we’ve been discussing add-on products and services. The CAB was established after the sale of Amazing Charts to Pri-Med to ensure the clinician’s voice is heard by our management team. It is comprised of nine clinicians – all longtime clients of Amazing Charts EHR who are highly engaged with the community of users.

Last month we asked the CAB for feedback on our new Chronic Care Management (CCM) service, powered by our partner Caremerge. By now, everyone knows about the new CMS code for management and care coordination of the chronically ill. If you have patients with two or more chronic conditions, they may be eligible for this new service.

Here’s how it works: you create a care plan and conduct monthly non-face-to-face communication with the patient. The plan and communications are reported from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Medicare allows you to bill up to $42.60 per plan per month.

Let’s say you have a patient panel of 2000 adults, and one-quarter have two or more chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. If half of those 500 adults are on Medicare/Medicaid, you have 250 eligible patients. If just half of eligible patients sign up for the program, you will be creating and managing 125 plans, which equals $5,325 in additional billings for your practice per month, or nearly $65,000 per year.

When we discussed CCM with the Clinician Advisory Board, several members with eligible patients expressed interest in this new program, recognizing its potential to both improve patient care and generate new practice revenue. Members with pediatric or other specialty practices, who don’t see many chronically ill patients, understood that the program was not meant for them.

How do you get started?  Take these five steps:

  1. Think about whether your patient panel has eligible Medicare/Medicaid patients with two or more chronic illnesses.
  2. Learn more about the Caremerge platform by visiting our CCM page. There you’ll find a calculator that lets you see how much additional revenue CCM will bring into your practice.
  3. Implement Caremerge software and get trained, which typically takes about one month.
  4. Inform your patients and explain why they should sign up for the program using the Caremerge portal.
  5. Start creating plans and generating new practice revenue.

Let our sales team know if you have any questions about Chronic Care Management, the Caremerge platform, or anything else related to this new CMS program.


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