"Amazing Charts allows us to increase our patient load without hiring new staff, resulting in thousands of dollars in additional revenue per day."

— Bruce Fillpot, CFO, Santa Rosa Medical Clinic


Product Release Update

In an effort to communicate more frequently to a wider audience, we are “blogging” a post written on the User Bulletin Board (UBB) on March 30.  Although some users regularly visit the UBB, we know that others go there infrequently, if ever at all.  This blog is for those users.  It addresses a question many users have been asking us: Where is Practice Management?

V6 Status (includes Meaningful Use Wizard)

V6 (6.0.10) is our official current version. It is stable and working well. Although as noted here, approximately 10% of clients experience significant speed and other issues. We released V6.1.2 late last year, which solved most of these. V6.1.2 currently remains available as a rapid release beta.

This rapid release beta will soon be introduced as V6.3. This version includes additional enhancements, as well as support for our new HUB.

The Amazing Charts HUB (AC HUB) is the switchboard through which labs, radiology, and other PHI will be exchanged between our clients and their respective labs, radiology, hospitals, and consultants. Equally important, the HUB allows us to more quickly complete interfaces to the Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) that are becoming increasingly required by state and federal rules (e.g., Meaningful Use Stage 2).

We anticipate V6.3 to enter Beta phase I in late April and quickly progress to Beta phase II (Open Beta).

V7 Status (includes Billing, Practice & Revenue Cycle Management)

V7 entered Alpha testing earlier this year. During this time, some potential speed and usability issues were identified and the build was placed on a temporary hold. This temporary hold is nearly complete and V7 will be re-released into Alpha testing at the end of April. We thus anticipate V7 will then move into Beta phase I testing at the beginning of June and Beta phase II (Open Beta) in the first week of October.

We are moving very cautiously with the testing process given the seriousness of messing up anything related to a practice’s business and cash-flow, and we expect that V7 will be pretty darn stable, secure, and speedy (in-a-word, bulletproof) by the time it is in Open Beta.

There are essentially two ways to look at this delay: (1) it really sucks that it is again delayed, or (2) as one of our client’s noted on our Facebook page, “I have to give thanks to Amazing Charts for NOT releasing a half-assed, sub-par product before it's ready for launch.”

Those who embrace the Amazing Charts philosophy will understand that we believe something that is truly intuitive and usable is much more important than just having a mediocre billing module that connects to Amazing Charts (we already have a number of those in the marketplace - and even interface to a bunch of them). No, Amazing Charts will do PM right. And unfortunately, I just don't believe it is quite good enough to be let loose...just yet.

In the meantime, for those who have been patiently waiting, we are building a web page with screen shots and more details on our Practice Management module. We’ll post the link on the UBB, Facebook, and elsewhere when complete.


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