"I so dreaded the tedium of completing charts with my former EHR, I would get Globus Hystericus. Now, with Amazing Charts, my workday is an hour shorter and I am far more cheerful at the end."

— Deborah Lehmann, MD, SimplyGyn


Midmark Announces IQvitals Connectivity with Amazing Charts Electronic Medical Record Software

Clinicians using Amazing Charts v6.6.1 can interface directly with Midmark IQvitals, simplifying workflow and providing easy access to meaningful patient data at the point of care.

Midmark Corporation, a leading medical solutions provider and trusted leader in digital diagnostic devices for non-acute care, today announced that Midmark IQvitals is now integrated with the recently released version of Amazing Charts’ electronic medical record (EMR) software. The completed integration allows healthcare providers using Amazing Charts EMR v6.6.1 to interface directly with Midmark IQvitals, simplifying workflow and providing easy access to meaningful patient data at the point of care.

Midmark’s IQvitals is a Windows-based touch screen device that provides automated blood pressure, temperature, Sp02 and pulse rate readings with a touch of a screen. Physicians and caregivers can use the system either as a standalone unit or connect it to a computer using IQmanager software or an EMR/EHR (electronic health record) solution. The digital diagnostic device is the most recent component of Midmark’s IQ Digital Diagnostic System to be integrated with the Amazing Charts EMR software, joining Midmark IQholter, Midmark IQspiro and Midmark IQecg. The system’s collection of easy-to-use digital diagnostic devices and software solutions enable physicians and caregivers to quickly and accurately capture, interpret and retrieve patient information.

“With the healthcare industry evolving and placing increasing emphasis on patient-caregiver engagement, it’s important that physicians and caregivers have the accurate information they need to deliver the best patient care possible,” said Jerome Chevallier, Ph.D., senior manager, EMR business development, Midmark. “Integrating digital diagnostic testing with EMR systems such as Amazing Charts helps enable healthcare providers to increase efficiency, reduce errors and advance patient care.”

The Amazing Charts EMR system is specifically designed for small medical practices with 10 clinicians or less. It has been adopted by more than 9,500 clinicians in more than 6,500 private practices across the United States. Designed by a family physician, the system has been rated the best EMR for usability and affordability in multiple industry studies.

“As the central repository of clinical data, the EHR is a natural point of integration for all kinds of medical devices that gather information about the status of a patient’s health,” said John Squire, president and COO of Amazing Charts. “This new interface between Amazing Charts and Midmark will make it easier for clinicians to deliver more efficient and effective care to patients.”

For more information, visit www.midmark.com.