"As a provider, I felt comfortable switching from our former EHR to Amazing Charts. They were very responsive to any issues we had during our transition.”

- Vishal Datta, MD, Endocrinology


Pri-Med Acquires Amazing Charts - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q:  Was Amazing Charts sold?  Who is the new owner?
A: Yes, Amazing Charts has been purchased by DBC Pri-Med, LLC (Pri-Med), based in Boston, MA.  Pri-Med has been a trusted source for professional medical education to over 260,000 clinicians since 1995.

Amazing Charts will operate as a subsidiary of Pri‐Med, an operating division of Diversified Business Communications (DBC), based in Portland, ME.  DBC provides information and market access through face-to-face events, magazine publishing, and eMedia on four continents. 


Q: Where is Dr. Jonathan Bertman going? Is he still involved with the company?
A: Dr. Bertman will continue to serve as President of Amazing Charts focusing on new product strategy and development. The current COO of Amazing Charts, Kathleen Repoli, will manage day-to-day operations of the company as Senior Vice President.


Q: How much money was the company sold for?
A: The financial terms of the transactions are not being disclosed. 


Q: Why was Amazing Charts sold?  Was the company in trouble financially?
No, Amazing Charts is a financially strong and growing enterprise.  Being a small company in a market dominated by much larger companies, however, put Amazing Charts at a competitive disadvantage.   The partnership with Pri-Med will give the Amazing Charts the financial resources it requires.


Q: Why weren’t clients and/or employees given a chance to purchase the company?
A: Dr. Jonathan Bertman explored this option but was discouraged by advisors for a wide variety of legal and financial reasons. 


Q: How will Amazing Charts change?
A: There will be two immediate changes.  The company now will have (1) the resources to accelerate product development; and (2) the geographic reach of Pri-Med’s medical education conferences in 30 cities nationwide.  

The Company will remain headquartered in North Kingstown, RI. Employees will continue to work in their current positions.  They will continue to focus on developing intuitive and affordable software solutions for medical practices. 


Q: Will Amazing Charts software become less useable?  Will Amazing Charts “sunset” the EHR, forcing clients to migrate to something else?
A: No.  One of the main reasons Pri-Med purchased Amazing Charts was its #1 ratings for user satisfaction.  Pri-Med wants to keep those high ratings and will continue to invest in the Amazing Charts EHR.


Q: Will Amazing Charts software become more expensive?
A: There are no plans to increase the price of Amazing Charts software or services at this time.  


Q: Will Amazing Charts become more “corporate”?
A: One of the reasons Jon Bertman agreed to be acquired by Pri-Med is that he saw a similar culture with common goals and values.  Amazing Charts will continue to be a Kind Capitalism company that puts people before profits.


Q: Will Amazing Charts sell its clients’ practice data?
A: No, not without the explicit consent of both clinicians and their patient(s), or as required by law.


Q: Will Amazing Charts become captive to the pharmaceutical industry?
A: No. Amazing Charts’ and Pri-Med’s primary focus has always been and will continue to be on the clinician and his/her patients. 


Q: I’m a specialist, so will Pri-Med really serve or understand me?
A: The audience for Pri-Med is actually very similar to target market for the Amazing Charts EHR.  About two-thirds of both companies’ clients are PCPs, while about one-third are specialists, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologist, psychiatrists, and other internal medicine sub-specialties.


Q. Why did Pri-Med and Amazing Charts get together?
Shared Vision –Pri-Med and Amazing Charts believe that tying the latest medical knowledge to an EHR will help clinicians deliver better care to patients, and ideally even bring the joy back to practicing medicine to those who have lost it. 

Shared Users –Pri-Med has been a key component of the Amazing Chart’s marketing strategy since 2002. Many Amazing Charts users attend Pri-Med to get their CME through Pri-Med, so the partnership is very complementary.

Shared Values – John Mooney and Jon Bertman both built businesses around two key ideas:

  • Usability: Pri-Med’s programs are built on real-world practice gaps where knowledge can be applied in practice immediately. Amazing Charts enjoys #1 user satisfaction ratings.
  • Affordability: A clinician can attend Pri-Med programs for less than $5 per credit hour. Amazing Charts costs a fraction of the industry average and is as good as the products that cost $10,000 and up.  Both companies measure their success by client satisfaction and ultimately patient outcomes.


Q: Why is this good for Current Amazing Charts Users?

Amazing Charts clients like the idea of tying the latest medical knowledge to your EHR so you can deliver better care to patients. That real-time evidence-based knowledge at the point of care is the next step in allowing clinicians to provide the best care possible. 

Amazing Charts will have the reach to grow its user base, which means the software will be around for the long run.

Amazing Charts will have the resources to develop the features and functionality its clients need.


Q. What can Amazing Charts bring to Pri-Med?

Physician level needs assessment – Amazing Charts will give Pri-Med the ability to deliver individualized continuing education that is based on practice patterns identified through information users provide from their EHR.      

Point of Care – In addition to its live meetings and online CME courses, Pri-Med will now be able to provide education and information support to clinicians and patients at the point of care during a visit. The best way to do that is through an EHR system.

Practice relationships – Amazing Charts allows Pri-Med to broaden and deepen CME offerings based on de-identified patient and practice data gleaned from an EHR.