"I so dreaded the tedium of completing charts with my former EHR, I would get Globus Hystericus. Now, with Amazing Charts, my workday is an hour shorter and I am far more cheerful at the end."

— Deborah Lehmann, MD, SimplyGyn


Switch EHRs as Easy as 1-2-3

Sick and tired of your current EHR/EMR system?  We understand.

Everyday, we hear horror stories from practices that overpay for their EHR, or find their poorly designed EHR unusable, or both!

There is a better way – switch to Amazing Charts today!  We make it as simple as...well, 1-2-3.  

Step 1 – Download a FREE trial of the full version Amazing Charts

Step 2Import your patient demographics with the Amazing Importer

Step 3 Evaluate your other options: importing structured data, scanning, archiving, etc.



Step 1 - Download a FREE Trial of the #1 Rated EHR Today

Amazing Charts lets you try a full version of the software for a FREE trial. 

Seeing is believing, and the only way to experience Amazing Charts is to try it for yourself. So what are you waiting for?

Start a FREE Trial

We have several training options available to help you throughout the trial period, click here to learn more.


Step 2 - Auto-Import Demographics and Clinical Data

One the best things about switching to Amazing Charts is that we can easily and quickly import the patient information from your previous EHR system.

Using our exclusive Bulk PHI Importer, we can capture demographics, medications, diagnoses, allergies, and more from Continuity of Care Documents (CCD or C-CDA).

Contact Technical Support for assistance with using the Bulk PHI Importer.


Step 3 - Import Continuity of Care Documents and More...

But what about the free-text notes in your old EHR system? What can we do about them? What works best for you depends entirely on your goals and how much money you're willing to spend.

Manual Transcription

In order to make a complete transfer of structured and unstructured data from your old EHR to Amazing Charts, you have two choices:

  • Manual data transfer by a medical transcription service.
  • Data extraction and conversion by a third-party company like Ellkay

Scan Patient Records

You can scan your old patient charts into the patient's Imported Items section of Amazing Charts using a scanner with a Twain Driver.  

EHR Archive

Your least expensive and lowest risk option is to simply archive your entire legacy EHR data set for reference on an "as needed" basis.  This satisfies all data retention requirements.