“What an excellent product! And fairly priced! I have sung your praises to anyone who would listen!”

— Shannon C. Heinrich, DO


Lab Interface - How It Works

This interface allows you to get lab results from this company imported directly into your Amazing Charts in-box.

Try It Free

First, contact your lab representative and let them know you want to use this interface. Results will be delivered in HL7 format to a folder where Amazing Charts can search and then import the data. Once the lab has its results arriving on your computer, you can try our import ability free for a 30-day trial period by entering the following code in the space provided in Amazing Charts.

Interface Trial Code: 39SL457

Then Buy It

If you wish to continue with the interface after the trial period, the cost is $750 per practice. We continually update and maintain our lab interfaces in accordance with current technology and security standards. We charge an annual maintenance fee to cover these cost. For details about our annual maintenance fees, please visit our Transparent Pricing page.

Please reach out to your laboratories about electronic interface options.

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