"I tried the EHR that came with our billing software. It was about as easy as peeling an apple in your back pocket. I voted them off the island!"

— Doug Waldman, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon


Interfaces to Patient History/Check-in Systems

Primetime's Instant Medical Patient History

Instant Medical History is patient interview software that begins gathering the subjective history prior to the encounter.

Click here to view a demo of how it works with Amazing Charts.

Try Our Interface Free

  • Please note, you need to have Instant Medical History installed for the interface to work. If you don't already have Instant Medical History, you can get it here. (Our interface connects Amazing Charts to Instant Medical History software, but without the Instant Medical History software installed, nothing will happen.)
  • AFTER you have Instant Medical History installed, you can try our interface free for a month by entering the following code in the space provided in Amazing Charts:

Interface Trial Code: 39SL457

Then Buy It

If you wish to continue with the interface to Instant Medical History after the trial period, the cost is $250 per practice.

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