"My office feels sorry for those who have to deal with an EMR that is not Amazing Charts."

                                                            — Catherine P. Montgomery, MD, Voorhees, NJ


Speech Recognition Interfaces

Amazing Charts offers interfaces to Dragon Medical Practice and NoteSwift for your speech recognition needs.  

Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) software is voice-enabled and works seamlessly with Dragon Medical Practice Edition. There is no need to purchase an additional interface.

NoteSwift accelerates patient documentation for healthcare providers using Amazing Charts with Dragon Medical speech recognition. It’s simply the fastest and most accurate way to document patient notes, including ROS, assessment and plan, diagnoses, and e-prescribe. With NoteSwift, you’ll complete patient notes in a fraction of the time it takes you now — virtually eliminating mouse clicks and keystrokes for a quick and simple hands-free approach.  Please note: NoteSwift requires Dragon Medical Practice Edition.