“I’ve used four different EMRs since 1999, and Amazing Charts is hands-down the best product out there.”

— Nancy Girard, DO, Family Medicine


Interface to Updox Fax & Patient Portal

With Updox, you can easily import and manage all your faxes, emails, and other incoming documents. Updox also permits you to create a secure patient portal where you can securely exchange documents and messages with patients online.  

Updox is a subscription service, there are no setup fees and no long-term contracts. 

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Detailed Features

Updox provides the only fully-integrated communications platform for independent physician practices consisting of:

Cloud Based Fax Services – Updox offers an integrated electronic fax service for  physicians. This eliminates the need for a phone line and fax machine as well as manually scanning in paper faxes for upload to an EHR.

Fax Server Module – For practices already using a fax modem and fax server software, Updox can automatically upload your inbound faxes with a one time set up.

Secure Patient Portal – Updox provides each physician with a patient portal to share faxes and documents from third parties and Amazing Charts with their patients. Practices can securely message with their patients and have all conversations imported into the patient chart. In addition, practices are able to create online forms to collect information electronically prior to a visit and offer online bill pay services.

Secure Messaging – Updox provides practices with the ability to communicate securely with any third-party clinician, including labs and radiology studies through a secure messaging client. This free download tracks every conversation and event for compliance purposes.

Amazing Charts Integration – Updox fully integrates every component of its solution with Amazing Charts. Any document that can be printed in Amazing Charts can be automatically delivered to the patient portal or any third-party via fax or secure messaging. Documents imported into the chart can be assigned to custom categories and set notifications in the clinician’s inbox for sign-off.

Document Management - Practices can annotate, mark-up, e-sign, and redact information for any document uploaded to the Updox Workspace. Individual pages can be deleted, rearranged, or combined for importing into the chart or sending to the patient portal. All documents can be routed to individual users within Updox and also tagged to show up in their Updox inbox.

Document Capture – Updox provides a print driver which allows users the ability to print content from any application into Updox. This includes Amazing Charts, practice management systems, Microsoft Office products, Web browsers, and billing systems. Updox also provides an integrated screen capture tool to import information and images from any screen or application. Finally, Updox provides an auto-upload folder to import any files into Updox automatically including from document scanners.

Web-Based – Updox is web-based, so there is no hardware or additional software needed to deploy the platform. This also allows clinicians to access their files and information from any computer in the office, at home, or even on vacation.