"An auditor from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan said our practice organized around Amazing Charts was 'the best' she has ever seen."

— N. Chellam Vedamuthu, MD, Novi MI


State Immunization Registry Interfaces

Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record (EHR) interfaces with the immunization registries of every state in the nation.   

1. Contact Your State to Sign-Up

To sign-up for an immunization registry, contact the agency managing your state's registry. Use the Center for Disease Control's national directory to find the right agency.

Here's some of the information you may be asked when filling in the sign-up form:

  1. Vendor Name, and EHR Name: Amazing Charts
  2. The age of patients who are immunized at your practice
  3. The kind of public health reporting you want to do: Immunizations
  4. Message Format Type: HL7 2.5.1
  5. Transmission Method: Web Services
  6. Software Version: 9.2 or higher
  7. Your CMS Registration ID, the MU Stage you’re on, your MU reporting period, and whether you’re attesting with Medicare or Medicaid
  8. The names and NPI numbers of everyone in your practice who will be submitting immunization information.
  9. Contact Information for Administrators, Technical, Meaningful Use and other contacts at your practice that can work with Surescripts and the registry throughout the process.

2. Purchase the Interface

The price for the interface is $195/year per provider.  There is no annual maintenance for Immunization Registry interfaces. 

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Important note: most State Immunization Registry interfaces require Amazing Charts v9.2 or higher.