“One of my nurses just said she wants to 'marry' Amazing Charts.” 

— Peter Sundwall Jr., MD, Family Medicine 


Interfaces to Patient Portals

Patient Portals are online applications that allow patients to interact and communicate with their clinicians, such as physicians and hospitals.

Meeting the Requirements of Meaningful Use Stage 2

To meet the requirements of Meaningful Use Stage 2, clinicians need to more actively engage patients by providing them with the capability to electronically view, download, and transmit relevant information from their EHR system. This could include lab test results, a list of current medications, and hospital discharge instructions.

For physicians and other clinicians participating in meaningful use, patient engagement for Meaningful Use Stage 2 also includes bi-directional, secure email with patients.

A Patient Portal is the only practical way to meet these MU Stage 2 requirements.

Updox Patient Portal

UpDox permits you to create a secure Patient Portal for exchanging documents and messages with patients online.

Patient portal capabilities include:

  • Online appointment requests
  • Share lab results securely with patients
  • Online forms completion with easy to use form builder
  • Allow secure messaging to and from the patient
  • Patient alerts and instructions
  • Online bill payment
  • Log and track all patient actions
  • Set alerts for time sensitive documents and messages
  • Integrate with existing web site or use as a personalized practice web site
  • Use as a patient kiosk in waiting room for forms completion

Clinician portal capabilities include:

  • Share patient chart items with comments and edits
  • Allow continued collaboration on chart items
  • Log all user actions
  • Use pre-built templates and forms or build your own to meet your practice needs and requirements
  • Route tasks for office staff and fellow clinicians

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