"It took less than one day to get the system up and operating, after having wasted weeks on another system."

— Samuel Hoover, DO, PA, Family Medicine


Interface to NoteSwift

NoteSwift accelerates patient documentation for providers using Amazing Charts with Dragon Medical speech recognition. Increase your speed and accuracy when creating patient records. Virtually eliminate mouse clicks and keystrokes for a simple hands-free approach. Time saved on patient documentation means you can grow your practice by at least 2 more patients each day.


  • Seamlessly enters structured data and narrative text. No lookups or searches needed.
  • Recognizes your standard dictation terminology.
  • Provides custom Aliases as shortcuts for your most frequently used notations.
  • ePrescribes in less than 5 seconds and without a single click.
  • Virtually eliminates mouse clicks and keystrokes.


  • Significantly reduces time spent on patient documentation.
  • Enables providers to see at least 2 more patients each day.
  • Improves coding accuracy, which helps to minimize reimbursement denials.


  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition version 2
  • Amazing Charts EHR version 8.0 and higher
  • Dragon-compatible microphone

See it in Action

Watch the video below to see a demo of NoteSwift for Amazing Charts.