"I so dreaded the tedium of completing charts with my former EHR, I would get Globus Hystericus. Now, with Amazing Charts, my workday is an hour shorter and I am far more cheerful at the end."

— Deborah Lehmann, MD, SimplyGyn


Interfaces for State Immunization Registries

Export to State Immunization Registries
This interface allows you to export immunization data to the immunization registry.

If your state’s immunization registry interface is not listed above and you need to send a test file to comply with the  Meaningful Use attestation requirement,  click here to watch a video demonstrating how you can easily submit a test file.  

State Immunization Registry - How It Works

Contact your State
If you find your state immunization registry on our list, please contact the state agency managing that registry to sign up. 

Clicking on your state will bring you to the state website.  Please follow the instructions listed for providers. Please note the standard Amazing Charts output for immunization registry interfaces is HL7 V 2.5.1.


Then Buy It
The interface is FREE for those who subscribe to our Guardian Angel Software Maintenance plan. Those who do not subscribe to the plan must pay $99 for the interface license annually. 

Some states have money earmarked to help pay this cost for practices. So ask them if they can pay this fee on your behalf!

Version Requirement
State Immunization Registry interfaces are available in Amazing Charts V6.6 and newer.

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