"Amazing Charts is the best kept secret of the EHR industry, It's like that little Italian restaurant on a back alley, behind some church known only to locals..."

— Margalit Gur-Arie, On Healthcare Technology


Achieving Meaningful Use With Amazing Charts

There is a lot of information - and even more misinformation - on how to achieve Meaningful Use. Meaningful Use will be a three stage process. The first stage, Stage I, is all you need to care about until, at least 2013, at which time Stage II may be instituted. With each new stage will likely come an increase in the Meaningful Use criteria.

Fortunately, it really isn't that complicated and you don't need to pay consultants to figure it out for you. Amazing Charts, with our built-in Meaningful Use Wizard™, will markedly reduce the complexity and assist you in reaching Meaningful Use (and all without contributing to career burn-out). 

To summarize, below is everything you need to know to achieve Meaningful Use and collect your fair share of the EHR Incentive stimulus money: