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Using Amazing Charts To Meet Meaningful Use

The surest way of achieving Meaningful Use Stage 1 or Stage 2 is to get into the habit of collecting the information required by the government to prove you are using a certified EHR in a meaningful way.

The Meaningful Use Wizard™ is designed to work within your usual office flow, and does not require reentering of information, complex tallying of data, or even having to remember what you need to document.

Demystifing The Criteria
Checkpoint Dashboard
The Report Writer

Demystifying Meaningful Use

Amazing Charts will take you to Meaningful Use, step by step, while still allowing you to get through your visits quickly and efficiently, which we believe is the most fundamental requirement of an EHR.


The Meaningful Use Wizard color-codes the specific fields that you must document if you wish to reach Meaningful Use. Holding your mouse over the color-coded field shows you more details of the requirement that the Federal government has deemed to be evidence that you are using your EHR in a meaningful way. (Please don't be annoyed with what is color-coded, since we're sure you'll find some of it as ridiculous as we did; you can turn it off, or even change the color in the User Preferences menu.)

Automatic Alerts

The Meaningful Use Wizard will automatically open various windows to allow you to collect certain information (e.g., HIPAA information when printing records).

The Checkpoint Dashboard

The Meaningful Use Wizard includes a checkpoint dashboard, accessible within each patient record, which provides a real-time status of how you are doing in terms of collecting the required amount of information needed to meet Meaningful Use.

The Report Writer

The Meaningful Use Wizard includes a robust report writer that automatically collates all the data you've collected, analyzes it to ensure it meets the requirements, and then produces a printable report summarizing your Meaningful Use status. This report can be submitted to CMS and will be the basis by which they pay you the HITECH money.

The report writer also provides detailed information on each Meaningful Use criteria and how we recommend you use Amazing Charts to ensure the information is recorded.

The Submission Assistant

Of course achieving Meaningful Use is one thing, generating the required reports and analysis of your percentages is another, but unless you submit everything the way it needs to be done: to the right place by the right time, the money won't get to you. So part of the Amazing Charts plan to get you to payment is assistance with the submitting process.


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