“One of my nurses just said she wants to 'marry' Amazing Charts.” 

— Peter Sundwall Jr., MD, Family Medicine 


Patient Statements

As an Amazing Chart Practice Management user your Patient Statements can be sent digitally from the Amazing Charts Practice Management solution with just a few clicks. Let us automate the expensive process of generating and sending patient bills in-house, and give your staff more time to focus on your patients.

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Low cost and easy Integration

  • Your monthly bill is based on your usage
  • Patient statements are generated for processing on the schedule you choose with just two clicks!

Save Time and Increase Practice Productivity

  • Patients bills are printed and mailed for you
  • Optional Address Checker will ensure that your statement is being sent to the most current patient address
  • Print clear and easy to read statements on demand

Receiving Payments

  • Quick billing boosts cash flow
  • Includes convenient return envelopes

Customizable formats

  • Customize statement fields and messages
  • Choose which accepted payment methods to display on your statements
  • Customize statement colors and design   

Review and Track

  • Review, Customize, and Approve documents before processing
  • Access and review statements you have sent online




View a free webinar on how to save time and money by outsourcing your Patient Statements with Amazing Charts Practice Management.

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Amazing Charts Patient Statements ROI Calculator

Toner, ink, printer, folder, inserter, maintenance

Outgoing and return envelopes, waste, storage, statement forms, S&H

Cost Summary

Number of Statements per Month:
Manual AC Patient Statements
Labor Cost
All inclusive $.75/statement
Monthly Total


Savings Per Statement:

Savings Per Month:

Savings Per Year:

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