"It took less than one day to get the system up and operating, after having wasted weeks on another system."

— Samuel Hoover, DO, PA, Family Medicine


Billing Your Way

Choose the billing option that works best for your practice:

I want to do it myself

  • I have staff that can handle billing and collections in-house

  • My practice needs a fully integrated practice management solution


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I want my collections and billing handled for me


  • I don't have the time or staff to handle billing and collections in-house

  • My practice needs a billing service

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I want to keep my billing software

  • I've used the same billing software for years and it works for my practice

  • My practice needs Amazing Charts to connect with my third-party PM/billing software


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I charge cash / retainers / membership fees

  • My practice is Concierge, Direct Primary Care, or cash-based

  • I don't deal with insurance

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