"A nurse from one of the largest private schools in our state said that our immunization records are the best looking and cleanest she has ever seen."

— Galen Y.K. Chock, MD, Honolulu, HI


Amazing Backup

Amazing Backup is a new service from Amazing Charts to securely backup your data offsite providing your critical practice data an insurance policy. An incremental backup of your entire practice, including imported items, is created, allowing you to completely restore all your data at any time. Your practice has the ability to set a customized schedule that will allow the process to run seamlessly after office hours. Practices can set this once, and it is fully automated, providing peace of mind.

Your current local backup utility will continue to be available to you and operate as it does today.  If you utilize the New Amazing Backup it is not necessary but will be available to you nonetheless.


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Amazing Backup offers:

  • Incremental Backups – Including all imported items in your charts!
  • Performance – Incremental backups reduce bandwidth requirements on your network and allow for faster backups, ensuring all your data is safe.
  • Security – Amazing Backup features industry leading 128-bit encryption
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Special Introductory Offer: Amazing Backup is available now for an introductory price of $300/year per practice.*

Other backup services cost between $480 and $800 per year.

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*Upon annual renewal, the fee will increase to $300/year for a single-provider practice, plus $50/year for each additional provider in your practice.