“I particularly appreciate the pleasant 'can do' attitude of everyone at Amazing Charts, especially the technical support staff."

— Linda Gilliland, PhD


Certified IT Support Services for Practices

Feeling Overwhelmed by Technology?

  • Are you putting off implementing an EHR because you do not know where to start?
  • Would you like to focus on being a physician and leave your IT to a certified specialist?
  • Are IT distractions and problems disrupting your practice?
  • Do you know where to turn for quality computer support or IT consulting?

As more and more practices adopt Electronic Health Records and go "paperless," the need for IT services is increasing.  But who can you trust?  Who has the knowledge of Amazing Charts you need?

Certified IT Support Designed for Your Practice

Amazing Charts Certified IT Support is a group of independent experts with hands-on experience with Amazing Charts and a full understanding of all aspects of IT. They are knowledgeable in both a variety of technology areas, as well as how medical practices function and how Amazing Charts is part of that system. 

These experts have a verified track record of solving problems with Amazing Charts implementations. They are accepted into the certification program based on recommendations from two or more physicians.  Then they are trained, tested, and certified to ensure they have the required knowledge and abilities.

Make a Recommendation or Nominate Yourself

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If you feel you are a qualified IT specialist and would like to be considered for being listed as an Amazing Charts Certified Specialist click here to let us know

Your recommendations and participation are greatly appreciated.