“I particularly appreciate the pleasant 'can do' attitude of everyone at Amazing Charts, especially the technical support staff."

— Linda Gilliland, PhD


Credit Card Processing for Medical Practices

In striving to make your office as profitable and easy to operate as possible, Amazing Charts has partnered with a proven merchant service provider to handle all your electronic payment processing.

All Major Credit Cards Covered...and More

The service provider specializes in handling credit card payments for all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as handling transactions involving secured debit/ATM cards, electronic checks, and many other options available for securing payment for your services.

On behalf of the Amazing Charts community, the following terms have been negotiated and placed into effect for your benefit:

  • Timely Follow-up:  We have mandated that any Amazing Chart referral is contacted by an experienced representative within two business days.
  • Personal Assignment:  You will be assigned to a dedicated representative who is familiar with your situation and needs.  This saves you time since it avoids having to explain things more than once to different representatives.
  • Association Pricing:  We have leveraged our size to obtain the lowest possible credit card processing rates and fees without ever sacrificing service.
  • Transparency:  You will receive full disclosure on pricing…period.
  • Free Cost Analysis:  Many offices already have a payment processing arrangement in place.  Our partner will evaluate your current program to see if a change would bring sufficient savings to justify switching.
  • Discounted Equipment:  Terminals will be offered at a discount.  Offices with terminals currently in place will have the option of using them whenever compatible.
  • Next Day Funding:  There is no reason for an office to wait for their payments for any card type, even American Express.  All payments will be made within 24 hours.
  • Electronic Check Programs:  Checks are still a very popular form of payment for co-payments and other medical services.  Processing those checks directly in your office will eliminate trips to the bank and bounced checks.
  • Advanced Technology:   Whether it’s virtual terminals, on-line monitoring, or even smartphone payment applications, you are assured that the most advanced payment and monitoring solutions will be delivered to your office.
  • 24/7/365 Live Technical Support:  Experts are available to walk you through any questions you may have about your payment equipment, account, or anything else related to payment processing.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed