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- Vishal Datta, MD, Endocrinology


Direct Interfaces

What It Is
This interface allows you to connect directly to many versions of practice management software. Demographics entered into this program will flow into Amazing Charts, while E&M coding/billing data will flow out of Amazing Charts as you document your notes. The result is a bi-directional interface between Amazing Charts and your practice management program.

Try It Free
If you have this practice management program installed and configured, you can try our interface to it for free to ensure it works correctly for your practice. Contact your practice management company for guidance on configuring their software to deliver the HL7 files to the Amazing Charts directory. Once your practice management program delivers demographic HL7 files to the Amazing Charts directory and listens for billing HL7 files as well, you can enter the interface trial code below and use the connection free for 30 days.

Interface Trial Code: 39SL457

Then Buy It
If you wish to continue with the interface after the trial period, the cost is: $500 per practice (one time charge for those who subscribe to our Annual Updates & Upgrade plan*).

Only Subscribers to our Guardian Angel Software Maintenance plan do not have to purchase annual interface licenses. Those who do not subscribe to this annual plan must renew interface licenses annually.

By the way, some practice management companies (especially the ones you pay regularly for clearinghouse and other services) will pay this interface fee on your behalf as it encourages you to continue to use their money-generating services. So ask them to pay this fee for you!

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