"I LOVE Amazing Charts. I did my notes in the room with the patient day one with NO training. It's that quick and intuitive."

— Gwen Hanson, MD, Family Medicine


Bi-Directional Connection with Billing Software via X-Link Middleware

How It Works

Amazing Charts has built an interface to a middleware program called X-Link. Middleware is software that works in the middle of two programs and acts as a bridge, taking data formatted for one program, and transposing it to fit into another program - in this case, allowing demographic data from the practice management program to flow into Amazing Charts, and allowing superbill codes and data to flow from Amazing Charts back into your practice management program for billing.

Your Practice Management Software

Amazing Charts EHR

Amazing Charts Interface to X-Link

X-Link Middleware Software (purchased through Easy Business Solutions or their resellers)

Practice Management Interface to X-Link

Medisoft, Lytec, Medical Manager, Mysis, more...

$1,495 (one-time) + $1,495/year per clinician





Pros and Cons of Middleware

The benefit of connecting to a middleware program instead of directly to each individual practice management program is that only one interface needs to be built and can service many different groups with different practice management software.

The downside of connecting to middleware is that you have to pay for that software too, and it brings a third company into the mix if you have a problem.

We charge $750 for our interface to X-Link. We continually update and maintain our lab interfaces in accordance with current technology and security standards. We charge an annual maintenance fee to cover these cost. For details about our annual maintenance fees, please visit our Transparent Pricing page.

Note: This does not include support of the X-Link software which you will get through whomever sells you the X-Link software.

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