"I tried one of the 'free' web-based EHRs, but it was so unusable my billings dropped by one-third. With Amazing Charts, my billings are back to normal and growing."

— Alla Kirsch, MD, Family Practice, Ohio


OffSite Backup

Isn't it worth $250 a year to avoid feeling like the guy pictured? He just lost all his patient and practice data when the computer running his Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) system died.

While it is a rare occurrence, if you have ever experienced a hard-drive crash or an office disaster, you will understand the need for a "just-in-case" backup service. One percent of all practices will experience a disaster like this each year. Fire, vandalism, lightning strikes, hurricanes and other natural disasters happen infrequently, but they do happen. With our Amazing Charts Backup Service, you at least know all your precious electronic health records are encrypted and safe, far from your physical location.

How It Works

OffSite Backup service allows you to upload your crucial Amazing Charts EHR databases each night to our secure data center for safe keeping. Your databases, patient information, templates, schedules, billing, and other information is encrypted on your own computer then uploaded and stored on our secure servers. 


Obviously security is of the utmost importance given that your data contains patient-identifiable health information. The first layer of security occurs on your computer, before the connection to our archiving servers occur. When you run our Amazing Charts OffSite Backup utility your databases and patient records are encrypted using a 128-bit cipher algorithm. It has been calculated that breaking this level of encryption would take a hacker over a million years!

Your encrypted patient and practice data is then uploaded in a HIPAA-compliant manner across a secured 128-bit encrypted SSL internet connection (the type of connections that banks use).

Your data is stored under tight security in the Rackspace data center in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is an ideal location for your mission-critical data because of the absence of natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, and is also on the most seismically stable soil in the United States. Inside the data center, servers are physically isolated from everyone but level three technicians.

The Price

Because we do this for a number of practices automatically, the cost to each practice for this "insurance" is relatively low. We also keep the price low to encourage our users to just do it. For $250/year you can have this backup of all your precious patient and practice data, and includes no-cost replacement of your Amazing Charts EHR software in the event your systems are lost.