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Amazing Charts Partner Community - FAQ

What is the Amazing Charts Partner Community?

The Partner Community is an online listing of third-party solutions and services that Amazing Charts has strategically partnered with in order to provide a full spectrum of healthcare technology offerings to our customer base.

How do I use the Partner Community?

Much like you would utilize the Apple App Store or Amazon Marketplace, the Partner Community is built with an efficient user experience in mind. Simply visit www.amazingcharts.com/PartnerCommunity and select from the categories of product offerings along the navigation bar. Once you’ve selected the category, you’ll see a list of certified partners and their Amazing Charts-integrated applications. When you find the solution you’re most interested in, click “Request More Information” and complete the short form with your contact information. A representative from the selected company will follow up with you as instructed by your completed request.

What is the benefit to my practice from utilizing Partner Community offerings?

While Amazing Charts strives to provide the latest technologies that will help your practice succeed, we realize that the healthcare technology market is continually evolving. In order to ensure that our customers are adequately prepared for the ever-changing environment we work in, Amazing Charts understands that – outside of our core competencies – we need strategic alliances to provide the most up-to-date services and solutions. The Partner Community allows us to facilitate introductions to the most innovative companies in the industry, ensuring you’re delivering the most advanced healthcare possible in your community.

Does Amazing Charts evaluate and certify each company listed on the Partner Community?

Absolutely! Our Business Development team has extensive background in evaluating and partnering with premiere companies in the HIT industry, and continues to perform due diligence on potential partners on a daily basis. We are true believers in quality over quantity and expect our Partner Community program to illustrate that belief to each customer who decides to utilize any of the partner offerings listed.

Do all solutions listed on the Partner Community have integration into my Amazing Charts EHR?

Each integrated solution will be denoted with a “certified” icon on the Solution page within the Partner Community. Details regarding the integration (HL7, CCD, API, etc) will be included on the page as well. Note that some partners are offering “services” as opposed to “solutions”, with the main difference being that a service does not require integration. Sample services may include: consulting, IT support, or ICD-10 transition assistance.

What is the process for purchasing and going live on a Partner Community solution?

As outlined in FAQ #2, once you’ve submitted an inquiry through the Partner Community, your information will be sent directly to the partner. Someone from that organization will contact you at their earliest convenience – and according to your instructions, i.e. “Friday mornings are best, preferably via my direct office number.” – and schedule a time to view an online product demonstration / discuss their value proposition. Once you’ve decided to move forward, the partner will provide agreements and go-live instructions, as you will contract directly with the partner. They will then place a request to the Amazing Charts R&D team in order to turn on the integration for your site.

Will Amazing Charts charge me for using a Partner Community solution?

There is no integration fee to the customer from Amazing Charts for utilizing a Partner Community solution or service. If purchasing a product through a partner, all payments will run through that group. Our goal is to provide an online portal that simplifies the search process for an integrated solution that complements your Amazing Charts EHR.

Who will I receive support from / interact with?

All partner solutions will be supported directly by the company you purchase from. We feel that this direct connection to the solution provider will create a better user experience. If you buy an Amazing Charts add-on solution (like offsite backup), you will interact with Amazing Charts for any support needs. All support processes will be clearly defined in your solution go-live documentation.

Will the partner solution still work when I upgrade to a newer version of Amazing Charts?

Each solution page will have the required minimum version of Amazing Charts listed. This information will assist in ensuring the product you’re interested in works with your current version of Amazing Charts. The expectation is that the integration will work seamlessly with all future releases. Once the integration is built, all Partner Community companies will be provided access to Beta releases as future upgrades near in order to test the integration and identify any potential issues.

How many companies does Amazing Charts plan on including on the Partner Community?

Our goal is to create the best partner ecosystem in the industry. That being said, we know that greatness won’t be measured by the number of partners in our program, but by the satisfaction of the customers who are benefitting from those partner solutions. Our program will be limited to those groups who we feel provide a valuable service that will allow you to generate better outcomes in your community. The Partner Community groups will offer high quality, high value solutions and we will ensure that they are very strategic relationships, as opposed to taking a quantity approach to building our program.

How will I know when new solutions or services are launched?

Frequently visiting www.amazingcharts.com/PartnerCommunity is the easiest way, as we will have a section on the front page identifying newly listed offerings. We do, however, realize that you are focused on running a business and seeing patients, so we will do our best to share updates on a regular basis via our regular newsletters. A Partner Community section will be included and offer updates regarding new listings, current specials, and other information you may find useful. As the program continues to grow, we may even create a newsletter specifically focused on the Partner Community – make sure to check your inbox for notifications regarding this and other Amazing Charts news!

Are you going to give out your customer list / my contact info to your partners?

Absolutely not! We have always gone to great lengths to protect our customer contact info and will continue to do so moving forward. Our partners will only receive your information if you submit an inquiry through the Partner Community, participate in one of our regular webinars featuring a partner where you request to be followed up with, or in the event you participate in an ACUC where the partner is sponsoring sessions. 

What’s the best way for me to learn more about the Partner Community offerings?

The absolute best way is to review the Partner Community and submit an inquiry to receive a one-on-one product demonstration, however, we realize in many cases you’d feel better seeing an overview as part of a group before setting up direct meetings. Based on this, we’ll have monthly Partner Community webinars where a partner will provide a high-level 20-30 minute presentation and we will field Q&A afterwards. These are great opportunities to learn more about the offerings in a low-pressure environment. Additionally, many groups will participate in our ACUCs where will have the opportunity to see our partners present during general and breakout sessions, along with having the option to meet with them face-to-face in their booths.

What if I have another company that offers a similar service as one listed on the Partner Community and I would prefer to continue using their offering?

You’re always welcome to use any solutions that you choose, however, the driving force behind the Partner Community is that we will have the best integration and alignment with these companies. Our hope is that you will be able to fill most of your practice’s needs with an integrated, certified Partner Community offering.

What happens if I don’t like the solution I’m using and wish to discontinue?

Since all agreements will go through the partner, you will need to consult the agreement you execute with them. Many of the groups we are partnered with offer 30- or 60-day free trials and many have month-to-month contracts available, so make sure that you discuss and clearly understand termination clauses prior to signing with any groups.

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