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Solutions to Common Installation and Upgrade Issues

Here we list the most common issues we are currently seeing regarding installation and upgrading, along with solutions and work-arounds.

If you don't see your problem/solution below, or still are having trouble getting things going correctly, here is what you should do:

  • Consider turning off your antivirus software (e.g., Norton, McAfee, Trend Microsystems, and AOL spamblocker are the worst culprits).
  • Consider turning off Windows User Access Control (UAC). Here is a how-to article for both Vista and Windows 7.
  • Check to see if the error has been seen by other users on our Bulletin board.
  • Make an appointment so we can try to sort out the problem, or get help now.
  • If you try to upgrade, but run into issues and need to roll back to a prior version, instructions are here.

Problem: "Can't write to the log file..." error. Mostly occurs on 64 bit computers running Vista.

Cause: A problem with the permission on 64 bit systems.

Current Solution: We believe we've solved this issue. The latest release has this fix.

Problem: "Can't connect to the database" error

Cause: There are a number of different causes of this problem. Check each of the solutions below.

Solution: Connecting to the database requires a number of steps that all must work correctly. Any problem in any of these steps can cause this issue (e.g., your router isn't working or the main computer isn't on).

The most common problem we've seen occurring immediately after installation have to do with sharing and permissions on the Amazing Charts folder that houses the Amazing Charts databases, or more specifically the Amazing Charts permissions. Since this can be confusing, we recommend you set up an appointment for help with this issue.


Problem: 429 error "Can't create object..."

Cause: There are a number of different causes of this problem. Most have to do with either a missing file or a file that didn't get registered correctly by Microsoft Windows.

Solution: Determine which file is missing (often from hints in the error message), check to ensure you have the file on your computer, and manually register the file. Examples of files we've found may occassionally fail to install correctly are:

  • 429 error is an error caused by the failure of the scrrun.dll to register correctly.
    • The solution on an XP machine is to manually register the file through the command line with: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\scrrun.dll
    • On Vista, turning off UAC and restarting solves the problem.
  • 429 error-Source: GridBilling:InitGrid Line: 60 is an error caused by the failure of the xadb8.ocx to register correctly.
    • The solution is to manually register the file through the command line with: regsvr32 c:\program files\amazing charts\xadb8.ocx


Problem: 1316 error, "A network error occurred when attempting to read from a file..."

Cause: A file needed during the installation can't be run correctly, usually due to the file being locked (e.g., by an antivirus program running in the background.)

Solution: Disable or turn off any antivirus programs you are using. If that doesn't work, try rebooting the machine.

  • Note to users of McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise: simply disabling McAfee doesn't solve this issue. You need to take the extra step and right-click on the McAfee icon, select Properties, then Script Scan, and uncheck the Enable box.

Problem: 1306 error "Another application has exclusive access to the file..."

Cause: A file that is usually replaced during an upgrade or reinstallation is in use and is thus locked.

Solution: Be sure nobody else is using or connected to Amazing Charts. This includes being sure that Amazing Automator is not running. Rebooting the main computer (or server) will also disconnect any users or computers and usually solves this error, unless the Amazing Automator is running on the main computer, in which case it "reattaches" after rebooting - so you need to manually turn this off by right clicking on the Amazing Automator icon and selecting, "Exit."

Problem: You receive this error, "Amazing Charts has encountered an error... Description: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." followed by some weird characters.

Cause: This is a miscellaneous error which usually means one of the additional files required by Amazing Charts can't be found. In some instances this is because the file didn't get installed properly. In other instances it is because the file got installed, but didn't get registered properly by Windows.

Solution: The first step is to REPAIR the installation by going into the Windows control panel (Start menu | Control Panel | Programs (Add/Remove Programs). Select Amazing Charts from the list and click the REPAIR option. You can also remove and reinstall the program (your existing data will remain).

If you see this error when trying to backup (OffSite Backup Utility) or restore (Backup Restore Utility), and the repair solution doesn't work, you can manually replace the missing file by saving the correct file into your Amazing Charts directory.

The Amazing Charts directory is usually found at C Drive | Program Files | Amazing Charts.