“What an excellent product! And fairly priced! I have sung your praises to anyone who would listen!”

— Shannon C. Heinrich, DO


Product Support

The Guardian Angel Product Support team specializes in teaching users how to operate Amazing Charts. Not sure how to write an order? Wondering how to renew a medication? Need help with Meaningful Use? Product Support team members can teach how to use every facet of Amazing Charts, including e-Prescribing, Charting, Billing, Reports, Office Flow, and more.

Our Product Support team:

  • Specializes in the operation of Amazing Charts
  • Responds to all “How-To” questions
  • Conducts live, instructional webinars for clients and non-clients on a daily basis.  
  • Conducts one-on-one training sessions for clients who need extra guidance
  • And more!

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Technical Support

The Guardian Angel Technical Support team specializes in setup, installation and the functionality of Amazing Charts. If you need help getting started with Amazing Charts, or if a function of Amazing Charts is not working properly, you should contact Technical Support.

Our Technical Support team:

  • Specializes in setup, installation, and functionality of Amazing Charts
  • Repairs issues resulting from Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems
  • Moves databases from one computer to another as the needs of our clients change
  • Ensures that Amazing Charts client experience 100% functionality
  • And more!

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