"I tried the EHR that came with our billing software. It was about as easy as peeling an apple in your back pocket. I voted them off the island!"

— Doug Waldman, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon



Intra-office messaging is a critical component of an EHR and is what sets Amazing Charts apart from other programs that don’t have this built-in ability.

All the stuff that used to be done with sticky notes and yelling down the hallway (e.g., prescription refills, getting somebody a chart, even your request for lunch) are all now quickly and easily entered into Amazing Charts and sent from staff member to staff member.

No more getting up to find somebody, or pulling a chart to see the last time a medication got refilled – just use Amazing Charts’ built-in intra-office messaging system.

But those who just can't give up their sticky notes - we even have these built these into Amazing Charts so you'll feel right at home. You can find these electronic sticky notes under the Edit menu.

Click the screen below to see a brief overview of Amazing Charts messaging.

Amazing Charts Messaging