“I particularly appreciate the pleasant 'can do' attitude of everyone at Amazing Charts, especially the technical support staff."

— Linda Gilliland, PhD



Being able to easily query your database and find all patients meeting certain criteria is one of the main benefits of using an Electronic Health Record - not to mention a core requirement for the government's Meaningful Use (MU) push.

Our user-friendly reporting tool provides common preset queries as well as the ability to build your own complex queries in an easy step by step process.

For example, with just a few clicks, you can find all your patients diagnosed with diabetes, who have an A1C > 7, and who have not been seen in three or more months. Amazing Charts allows you to pull essentially any criteria with ease. Some commonly used reports include:

  • All patients not seen in a user-specified period of time.
  • All patients with a user-specified diagnosis.
  • All patients taking a user-specified medication.
  • All patients overdue for a user-specified health maintenance procedure or study.
  • All patients with an order or referral that has not been completed within a user-specified period of time.

Unlike our competitors, Amazing Charts users simply upload their report and program enhancement requests, and these get added into the program for all our clients' benefit. The standard EHR Industry approach is to charge each client for a "customized" report, even though they've already built it for another client.