"I used Amazing Charts from the day I opened my practice in 2005 and am very happy with it."

— Marc Sopher, MD, Exeter NH


Working with Amazing Charts Away from the Office

Using LogMeIn and other remote desktop applications, you can easily connect to your Amazing Charts database over the Internet and document as if you were in your office. 

We like LogMeIn because there is a free version that works well with Amazing Charts.

There are now different solutions with Amazing Charts that far exceed the abilities of the original Amazing Charts OnCall App.  These solutions not only allow you to view patient info and scheduling, but also allow for FULL USE of Amazing Charts in the field.  There are a couple of different ways to make this happen.

Connecting to your database remotely

If you have Amazing Charts installed in your office, you can use one of MANY remote desktop apps to connect to your Main Computer.  Some of the FREE apps that may work nicely for you are:

Not only are these apps 100% free to use, many are cross-platform.  This means you can use it on your Apple, Windows or Android device!  There are also versions of these apps that you have to pay for, but you won’t need them, as you will only need to connect to one computer to use Amazing Charts.  Most features of the paid versions simply allow for more connections.

Want more functionality?  Log Me In Ignition is a paid app with outstanding features!

  • Allows for file transfers between your computers, and between your phone/tablet and computer
  • Connects with Dropbox and Google Docs

 Amazing Charts Hosted Service

  • You can also opt to have your Amazing Charts databases hosted offsite. In this manner, Amazing Charts is responsible for taking care of your data, and ensuring that it is accessible 24/7/365!
  • When your data is hosted with us, you may use any of the apps listed above (and many more) to connect to your data.

Of course, you will now need an internet connection on your device to log in and view your data.  We find that in this day and age, internet connection is right at your fingertips.  Even when traveling, free WiFi is everywhere.  You can absolutely use cellular data as well.  After setup, a simple finger tap, and you’ll have full use of your database, including eRX!

We trust that you will find these solutions an excellent way to connect to your records while working remotely.