“One of my nurses just said she wants to 'marry' Amazing Charts.” 

— Peter Sundwall Jr., MD, Family Medicine 


EHR Solutions for Practice Managers

Are You Researching Electronic Health Records for Your Practice?

Many office managers have been tasked with finding an Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) system for their practice.

With tens of thousands of dollars on the line, making the wrong decision could be disastrous – while choosing the right EHR solution will make you the hero of your office!

Amazing Charts Is the Right Choice

According to multiple studies based on actual user feedback, Amazing Charts is rated #1 for ease of use, user satisfaction, price, and support. 

Yet Amazing Charts is also one of the most affordable EHR systems on the market. By choosing Amazing Charts, you can help save the practice partners thousands of dollars each year.

Best of all, Amazing Charts is risk free to try. Download a FREE trial of our full software in your practice today.

The bottom line: Don't take the risk of purchasing an expensive, unusable EHR that you can't try in advance, and then go through the hassle and expense of switching later – check out Amazing Charts today!

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