"Thanks to the detailed and descriptive Amazing Charts patient record, we prevailed in a $10 million malpractice lawsuit."

— Ken Brown, RN, Family Medicine


Electronic Health Record Solutions for Specialists

Physicians always ask us: "Does Amazing Charts have any particular features for my specialty?"

The Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record (EMR/EHR) system has numerous features and functions that are ideal for specific medical specialties, including:


  • Direct links between Amazing Charts EHR and EKG, Stress, and Echo Cardiogram test equipment


  • Freehand illustrations 
  • Drawing / digital images
  • Photos attach to patient charts




  • CDC growth curve charts
  • Head circumference
  • Immunization and shots documentation
  • Pediatric templates built in
  • State immunization registries
  • Vaccine schedules
  • Vaccine information sheets
"Searching for preemies who will need RSV prophylaxis and prioritizing flu vaccines—so that the high risk kids are notified first—can be done in minutes in Amazing Charts, making population management extremely easy. Instantly being able to pull growth charts and show parents how their child is growing is appreciated by the parents and makes my job so much easier." – Wendell Wheeler, MD 


  • Unique billing modifiers
  • Foot image

“Amazing Charts is a very economical way of using an EHR. You are able to modify and make your own templates.” –Arthur Lukoff, DPM



Psychology and Psychiatry

  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) IV codes are already built into Amazing Charts, which makes billing a snap

“I am a psychiatrist using Amazing Charts for medication management and more. Amazing Charts allows you to use templates of your own design and allows narrative entries rather than check marks, which I have never liked. I also have a nurse practitioner in my office who uses the program and is also pleased with it.” –William Sullivan, MD




  • Direct connection between Amazing Charts EHR and Spirometer equipment

Easy to Create Templates

Any specialist can adapt Amazing Charts to their specific practice requirements using templates, which allow users to quickly document the same information again and again.

Creating a template in Amazing Charts can be accomplished in as few as two clicks. You can also download templates created by other specialists using Amazing Charts from our user board.