I've put this post in the vendor section , as we are opening up to other board members an opportunity to buy as part of a large multi-practice purchase we are making on their behalf.

We and our clients have been very satisfied with the results that we are seeing from the Sophos solutions, and with the escalation of threats, we have negotiated very favorable pricing on behalf of our clients.

Most folks know about Endpoint control for a single computer which deals with viruses, malware, PUAs - what is new is dealing with Ransomware.

Sophos has come out with a new form of protection that doesn't have to wait for signatures, but is built to defend against zero-day attacks.

Here is a quick overview of Endpoint protection:

Protecting the computers of a small practice for a year can be done for $200-$400

For protecting your entire network, consider the Sophos UTM series. Here is a short video, and you will see why many of our clients have us implement their firewall. https://player.vimeo.com/video/97575580?width=800&height=450&iframe=true&portrait=0


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