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by Bert
11/15/17 09:50 PM
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#71951 - 11/12/17 08:40 PM Are upgrades and beta testing stagnated due to upgrade procedures?
Bert Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
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Loc: Brewer, Maine
In all due respect, before this op-ed, I know that Chris Conrad, with more resources from Harris Company is working on a new way of upgrading and restoring without the hoops we must go through now. At the very least, Chris and AC are aware that having support remote in to credential virgin computers is a waste of time not only for the user but also for the support techs. And, unlike troubleshooting facing 100 different setups of users' computers from P2P Win10 to Linus to Client/Server on Windows Server 2016 Standard with Hypervisor, they have to figure out that landscape before they can install the new software.

While I took heat I simply did not understand 2 1/2 years ago for making the crazy suggestion that people actually "trial" upgrades and new versions, before installing, it is still something that should be done. It never ceases to amaze me, and I am sure I will see it with version 10, currently in beta, when a thread pops up from ten users saying, "Oh my god, I can no longer enter new patients whose names start with M to Z. Beta testing (while improving) is still not done the same way it is done with other software. How often does one wait to see if the latest Java or Adobe update, seemingly happening at a rate of two per day or how often does one look to see if others in the Mozilla computer had issues with the new Firefox? Never. It always installs perfectly, within seconds, etc. A lot of the beta testing is done right here on the board.

Please understand, I realize that Jave, Adobe and Mozille have many, many more programmers and developers. So, this post isn't about the issues we come across with a new version of AC. The new versions are MUCH more feature rich and even tackle the government's mandates at a much quicker pace. The release notes are better, more well done and on and on.

What I am posting about is (while we wait on a new system for upgrading versions and restoring backups), I, for one, am stuck with 9.2. I even had 9.2 on a VM on a host and was still playing around when I decided to delete that VM completely and start over. So, now I have to have support remote in and credential the server and restore it. I would rather beta test v.10, but I dare not to knowing it will need to go through two or three iterations to become stable.

While the process was quick and painless last time, being done in less than 30 minutes, I have heard many stories of those taking longer than three hours. I really don't like and don't want a support person having to take over my computer to install a program licensed to me.

No matter how many times it has been explained to me, and it was explained quite often when the CAB was in existence, I still don't see how the portal where your license and email reside is not the perfect place for being approved. Even companies like ShadowProtect and other companies with trials, will send the activation code to your email.

If it were so easy for another practice to steal my license or database, then how do companies such as Microsoft protect themselves for thousands of people obtaining Office or Windows?

Anyway, getting off topic. My main point is how do we upgrade to these new versions when the process is so difficult?
Brewer, ME

#71958 - 11/14/17 04:01 AM Re: Are upgrades and beta testing stagnated due to upgrade procedures? [Re: Bert]
Wendell365 Offline

Registered: 11/09/05
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Loc: Chicago, IL
The answer to your question is really in the first paragraph: they are working to find a new and simpler method of upgrading and restoring.

It is a pain. I totally agree with you about checking out a beta before going live. In fact, you reminded me to do that with your post. Things have been busy the last week and I never got around to it, other projects and things got in the way.

AC has come quite a ways but has a lot farther to go. Making the upgrade simpler would help accomplish that
Pediatrician in Chicago

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#71962 - 11/15/17 09:07 PM Re: Are upgrades and beta testing stagnated due to upgrade procedures? [Re: Bert]
JamesNT Offline

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I would be jumping up and down for joy if AC would just fix the damn upgrade process and get rid of the whole "credential" crap for the server. Backups don't concern me as all my client's servers are virtualized and we backup the entire VM using Veeam.

James Summerlin
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#71963 - 11/15/17 09:50 PM Re: Are upgrades and beta testing stagnated due to upgrade procedures? [Re: Bert]
Bert Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
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Loc: Brewer, Maine
Thanks for weighing in. The people in my circles use Veeam as well and/or A12.5 or ShadowProtect. But, that's not the point. It's so much cleaner when moving AC or just testing in a VM or a standalone computer, to restore in seconds (II done separately) from the .enc file. It is a perfect one on one simple backup/restore that everyone knows how to use.

Definitely, as you always point out, need to back up your other programs.

I think Chris C. has been the man around AC for the past few years. I respect his work on this. I don't think they should even clean the bathrooms or mop the floors until this is fixed. This is the main issue with AC as it has since the day it started. I don't know of any other EMR that uses this method.

We all have been asked or many if we want to speak with the head people. I have let the Harris thing die down as it seems they are for real and doing a great job. But, now i want to call, email, fax every day until this is changed.
Brewer, ME


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