“We used two EHRs that were designed backwards – technology first, doctor second.  Amazing Charts is the opposite: incredibly easy to use and clearly designed by a physician.” 

— Peter Sundwall Jr., MD, Family Medicine 


Why Amazing Charts?

Learning and implementing Amazing Charts is easy – and the program has received the highest rating of any EHR for ease of implementation and usability.

We encourage you to try Amazing Charts in your own practice for a FREE trial before purchasing. This ensures that you love our product (and we love you). And happy customers is the reason we are the #1 rated EHR (since happy clients tell their friends).

Below are links to help you learn more about our products and see what actual customers have to say about their own experiences researching, implementing, and using Amazing Charts compared with other EHRs.

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Use our award-winning EHR and use it in your office for a FREE trial, and let us prove to you how good we are. [Try It Now

Participate in a Webinar

Want to walk through a demo? We have weekly scheduled demos at times that are convenient for you. Or, you can schedule a demo at a time of your choosing and one of our represenatives will walk you through all the features and benefits of Amazing Charts. [Set Up A Demo]

Watch Video Tutorials

See Amazing Charts in action!  Use these video tutorials to learn how to download, install, and use Amazing Chartsin your practice.  See how to network multiple computers, backup and restore data, interface with Dragon Naturally Speaking, and much more. [Watch Video Demonstrations]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting started, getting stimulus money, etc. [Frequently Asked Questions]

What Our Users Say

Amazing Charts doesn't spend your money on expensive advertising campaigns or marketing hype. The vast majority of our clients first heard about Amazing Charts from their colleagues. As we run into clients at medical conventions and other locations, we record (those who are willing) what our clients have to say when asked what other EHRs they've tried, what they like about Amazing Charts, and we even ask them to elaborate on any issues they've had with our software or company. [Unedited User Reviews]

Online Community

Amazing Charts is designed and continually improved based on the recommendations of our users. Our user community is a large, outspoken, and uncensored group, always willing to assist new users ("newbies") and a great place to learn about the many ways Amazing Charts can be used. [Amazing Charts Online Community]