"I tried the EHR that came with our billing software. It was about as easy as peeling an apple in your back pocket. I voted them off the island!"

— Doug Waldman, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can get $44,000 for using an EHR? Really?

Am I eligible to get the stimulus money if I use Amazing Charts?

You will be. Amazing Charts is 100% dedicated to to achieving all stages of Meaningful Use Certification. We have applied for ONC-ATCB Meaningful Use Certification, and anticipate receiving this "stamp of approval" by years end. Our software will contain a built-in Meaningful Use Wizard that will make collecting and submitting the required information an easy task.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the EHR stimulus, the concept of meaningful use, and how you can get your share of this taxpayer-funded EHR incentive program.


Why doesn't Amazing Charts Hype the Stimulus Money Like Other Vendors?

Click here to understand why we don't hype the stimulus funds available for most of our clients.


What's the total cost for Amazing Charts? Other vendors hide "extras" for ePrescribing, training, etc. Do you?

Amazing Charts pricing has always been straightforward, transparent, and fair. We charge just $2,395 per provider for the initial license, which includes the first year of our Guardian Angel Support & Maintenance service. This price includes essentially everything - such as ePrescribing with drug/drug and drug/allergy interactions, scheduling, intra-office messaging, user-friendly documentation, templates, advanced database search, reporting functionality,  CMS1500 superbill generation, and nearly everything else you can think of.

Any other "extra" charges you may encounter, such as for OffSite Backup, Interfaces to other programs, or the Amazing Charts Billing Service are clearly listed here, and are always affordable and reasonable.

Most importantly, you can try Amazing Charts free of charge prior to paying us any money, so you can prove to yourself that our product is an amazing tool for your medical practice.

Why's it so darn cheap? Is it lousy, or a "lite" EHR as other vendors have claimed?

Amazing Charts has all the features and functionality you need to run your office. We are as much a "certified EHR" as any other system. In fact, CCHIT certification requires an EHR to have 100% of the functionality and security features required to be a fully-functional complete "certified EHR." And not only is Amazing Charts CCHIT Certified, but it is actually much easier to use (according to EHR users) than other certified (and non-certified) systems.

Despite being robust, powerful, and certified, Amazing Charts is priced significantly less than other EHRs for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it's because the founder and owner is a family physician who was so fed up of being taken advantage of by software companies (and insurers) that he decided to teach them a lesson. Most EHR companies are out to make a huge profit for their shareholders, and apparently believe that doctors can afford - and are stupid enough - to pay for some complicated patchwork of modules and options that actually slow down the documentation process. The mission of Amazing Charts is to provide a fair program at a fair price and through this strategy encourage other vendors to do the same.

Sure we want to make a profit too, but how much money does a company have to make to be successful? Year after year, Amazing Charts makes more than enough without having to gouge our clients or be beholden to shareholders. In fact, Amazing Charts has taken no angel investment money, no venture capital money, no bank loans, has no debt, is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S., and is profitable year after year.

We think the real question is not why Amazing Charts is so cheap, but rather why are other programs so expensive?

 If Amazing Charts can provide a top rated EHR at a reasonable price, have plenty of money for development and enhancements, and still be quite profitable - why are other EHRs so costly?

We believe the answer is simple: greed. And while we firmly believe in the concept of competition and a free market, the requirement of capitalism to work is that consumers are able to vote with their wallets. Companies that don't provide a good product or price their product at a reasonable rate should not be purchased. They will either adapt (i.e., make their product more usable and/or lower their price), or they will go out of business.

We've already seen this happen to a number of EHR companies - and it is bound to continue as the hundreds of EHR vendors fight to grab a piece of the physician market. Amazing Charts is adding more than 60 new practices each month, a number far higher than any other EHR company we know of, and we already have a larger unique practice base than the "big boys."

The reason these overpriced and poorly rated systems have any users is that non-physician owned practices often have administrators and technology officers making the final decision, and these people don't understand how critical it is that a program be easy to learn and use for the doctor and their staff. They pick an EHR vendor based on marketing ploys, pricing "deals" (that are still thousands more than our price), and other factors unrelated to the usability for the physician and their staff.

There is a reason most EHR salespeople make more than physicians: they are well-trained at cajoling folks to spend ridiculous sums of money on a promise of increased efficiency, reduced staff expenses, and other silly ROI arguments like the savings you enjoy not having to file charts. They use glossy sales brochures, zero-down monthly lease ploys, and other nonsense to confuse executives, administrators, and technologically-naive physicians into signing on a dotted line and making a contractual commitment that is all but impossible to get out of when it becomes apparent that their system is untenable.

In other words, Amazing Charts is affordable because we don't waste money trying to get you to buy something you can't afford and won't be able to use. Since Amazing Charts is more usable and has more satisfied clients than any other EHR, all we do is point you to the studies proving our claims, provide the system at a fair price, and give you a free trial to prove to yourself that our system is not only best choice, but the only logical choice.

Other vendors have told me that Amazing Charts won't be around in a few years. is that true?

We've heard a number of our competitors claim that Amazing Charts is not a good EHR choice costing much less than nearly all EHR systems, while being rated in user satisfaction and usability studies as significantly better. This is not surprising given that there is no way they can compete with a program that has been shown to be both better and significantly less expensive than their product. Some of the claims we've heard include:

False Claim #1 "They're too small to stay in business."
Made By: A Nextgen sales rep at HIMSS 2010 (and many other vendors according to reports from our users).
The Facts: Amazing Charts has a significantly larger market share (i.e., unique practices that have purchased our EHR) than more than 90% of all vendors on the market combined! This includes not only the hundreds of small companies and practice management companies that push their own EHR, but also many of the "big boys" such as NextGen, Athenahealth, etc.). And Amazing Charts has been adding, on average, over 60 new practices each and every month for years.

But even more than market share, perhaps the most critical factors in predicting a company's staying power is the user satisfaction of its clients and the financial health of the company. Amazing Charts is one of the highest, rated EHRs according to user satisfaction and usability studies. This is because our mission is to provide our clients the means to make their life better, and this starts by not trying to gouge or overcharge our clients - essentially the hallmark of most of our competitors. In terms of financial health, Amazing Charts - unlike most EHR companies - is not beholden to shareholders who demand year after year growth and profits. The only people Amazing Charts has to answer to is our clients and our owner, and Amazing Charts is 100% owned by a Family Physician who has personally experienced the frustration of being forced to play by the unfair and biased rules set up by big insurance corporations and government agencies (mostly run by attorneys). From a financial standpoint, Amazing Charts has no debt, has taken no investor, angel, or VC money, and has been profitable year after year. As any reasonable person (or corporation), Amazing Charts strives -and has succeeded - in building a significant cash reservse to weather through more than a few "rainy days" and unpredictable market changes.

False Claim #2 "They're not CCHIT Certified."
Made By: Reported to us by a user whose independent physician association (San Diego IPA) has decided to encourage its membership to use Ingenix's Care360 system and made this claim as a reason to change from a system the client was satisfied with, and which costs a small fraction of the price of Care360.
The Facts : Amazing Charts V5 has has been CCHIT certified since May of 2009, and we are currently preparing for the next level of certification (CCHIT 2011 Comprehensive). More important, and contrary to what many competitors would have you believe, Amazing Charts is AS ELIGIBLE FOR GOVERNMENT HITECH STIMULUS MONEY and other EHR incentives as any other EHR available. And Amazing Charts absolutely plans on continuing to enhance and update our software to ensure we meet whatever requirements end up in the final rules. (Interesting, at the time this claim was made, Ingenix' Care360 had only CCHIT 2007 certification, which is significantly less comprehensive than our CCHIT 2008 certification status.)

What are the hidden fees that will frustrate me later?

There are no "hidden" fees to surprise you later. No "extra" module fee for ePrescribing, scheduling, or other features that are integral to your practice. That said, we do expect you'll pay for our annual maintenance service known as Guardian Angel Maintenance & Support. As are all things in Amazing Charts, our maintenance plan is affordable at $995 per provider per year.

Optional services that we do charge a fee for include OffSite Backup ($250/year per practice), which should be considered an insurance plan that can save you an episode of angina if a disaster occurs (e.g., office fire, theft, lightning strike, etc).

We also offer an integrated Amazing Charts Billing Service (7% or less of collections), which allows real-time practice billing analysis and reports, as well as doing all aspects of billing from insurance submissions, to dealing with any denials, to invoicing patients for balances due. We are also currently developing other services like first-call on call coverage and a cool patient portal.

Finally, we charge extra for interfaces to third-party programs, such as a practice management systems, ECG hardware, etc. These prices are all affordable, range in price from $1 to $500, and are clearly listed here.

I've tried it. I love! How do I buy it?

How Does Amazing Charts Work (Am I ready for an EHR?)

Electronic Health Records seem like a big step. I'm scared

It's smart to have some trepidation. Too many docs have forked over thousands of dollars and spent endless hours learning software that actually hampers your ability to get things done. EHRs are a big step, especially if you have to pay up front, learn complicated data entry, use limited "demo" programs, or waste time dealing with sleazy sales reps.

A good EHR produced by an honest company (we're talking about Amazing Charts) will make documenting easier - not harder - and in a short period of time you'll wonder how you ever worked without it. In fact, one of the reasons Amazing Charts exists is to allow you to try a good EHR without fear of wasting any money or screwing up the way you do things already. Let's face it, what you do now with paper, pencil, or a Dictaphone probably works just fine, albeit with room for improvement.

The truth is, if you're going to try an EHR, Amazing Charts is perfect to see if it will work for your unique situation. If it does, terrific. If it doesn't, you really didn't waste any money or much time (and you won't get a sales rep pestering you every week to see if you've tried the program or if you've decided to purchase extra modules). But don't take it from us, see what our users are saying.

Will it work in my office?

Amazing Charts works on individual computers as well as computer networks.

Single Computer Setup: It will work for any provider when running on his or her own computer. And though it will work great to generate notes and track patient data, running it on a single computer prevents you from benefiting from intra-office messaging and scheduling. (You could use the scheduling on your solo computer, but somebody, will have to enter the appointments and patient demographics, and that somebody shouldn't be the doctor, whose time is too valuable to be spent entering this data.)

Network Computer Setup: For solo or small groups of docs with a networked systems (e.g., 2 or more computers connected through a router or hub) this program is absolutely perfect. The front desk person can enter demographics and schedule appointments, the nurse can enter vital signs and subjective data and forward the chart to the physician, the physician then enters the remainder of the note, either at the bedside if computers are in the examining rooms, or at a computer outside the exam room. Fast. Efficient. Easy.

Amazing Charts was specifically designed for solo and small groups of providers (<5 or so providers and all their support staff). There are better, albeit much more expensive, software options for larger groups. Yet since the full-featured Amazing Charts program can be tried and experimented with for a FREE trial, it certainly is worth checking out to see if it enhances your documenting process and overall office efficiency, no matter what your group size.

Is Amazing Charts easy to learn?

Amazing Charts is built to be easy and intuitive to use. Progress notes are entered as physicians were trained in medical school and residency, and doesn't require you to learn to enter encounter information the way a software engineer or somebody who takes inventory at Wal-Mart might. For example, to record that a patient had a flu shot in most EHRs requires a dozen or more mouse clicks! Amazing Charts takes just a few. Intra-office messaging and scheduling are also intuitive and allows users to simply drag and drop a patient onto the desired slot.

But don't believe what an EHR vendor tells you, check with actual physician users. 2,012 Family Physicians were asked if their EHR is easy and intuitive to use. Below is a summary of what they said as published by the AAFP.

From the AAFP's Family Practice Management Survey of 2,012 physicians. Click here for the full study.

More detailed help and online tutorials can take you step by step through the learning and using Amazing Charts (it really isn't hard since it is so intuitive), or contact us for live support and staff training. It's all included in our price

Will I have to re-enter all my patient information? What if I change to another program later?

Perhaps most infuriating is trying to get data into and out of most of our competitors' programs. You'd think it would be easy to import patient demographics (and export them too if you decide you don't like the program). Well, it is easy. Amazing Charts lets you import patient demographics to prevent you, or your staff, from having to re-enter thousands of names, addresses, and DOBs.

We also let you export the data if you decide to use another company's software. You don't need to contact us, you just click a button and all your info is saved to a file which you can than import to another program (if they let you). Most companies don't offer this export ability without requiring you to pay them extra money (in hopes this will deter you from jumping ship).

So be sure to ask the EHR vendors you are considering how, exactly, you can get all your demographics and notes out of their system if you decide you want to change systems later (and get their answer in writing).

What other practices own Amazing Charts?

Hardware & networking (What computers do I need)

What sort of computers do I need? (Recommended Hardware)

Amazing Charts is affordable because we don't try to be all things to all practices, and hence you don't have to pay for the cost of developing a program that can be used by a large 1,000 doctor group using big servers on complicated networking.

Instead, Amazing Charts is built to run on off-the-shelf computers that you can buy online or at any office supply or computer store. Amazing Charts even runs on Netbooks and Tablet computers, and works on nearly all Windows Operating Systems (e.g., Windows 7, Vista, XP, SBS and others). You can even run Amazing Charts on Apple Mac computers (running Bootcamp, Parallels, or VMware).

The bottom line is that any modern day computer (i.e., bought within the few years) will be more than enough to use Amazing Charts to its full capacity. If buying a new computers, we recommend you get one that meets or exceeds these specifications

Do you have a Mac or Linux version?

We're working on it - okay, not really, but maybe one day. The good news is that Mac can run Windows operating systems using BootCamp, VMware or Parallels software.

Similarly, you can use a program like Wine (Windows emulators for Unix/Linux systems) to run Amazing Charts on a Unix/Linux system. Because over 90% of our customers use a Windows PC, we have spent our time on the Windows operating systems (OS).

While we love Apple and feel it is a superior OS, and while we believe the open source ideals of Linux make it the Gandhi of operating systems, we don't want to raise our low price to develop these. If you are interested in encouraging us to push forward (and are willing to pay more for a product that runs natively on your Mac or Linux box), then let us know.

How easy is it to network my office?

We recommend you keep it simple and easy: use a network consisting of a good "main" computer for your desk, and then a number of lower end (aka, cheaper) computers for your staff and exam rooms. All the computers should be networked through a router (wireless is fine).

(Of course, you can have just one computer running Amazing Charts if you want.) There are no server or workstation requirements, although you can use a server if you like. We recommend a server for practices with more than 3 providers.

For your "main" computer, our advice is that you buy a higher end business desktop. Amazing Charts minimum system requirements are here. The "main" computer (aka server), is the computer onto which you should first install Amazing Charts.

We recommend you hardwire a network with a central router or switch. Hardwired networks transfer data much faster than most wireless networks and is inherently more secure since a computer hacker (e.g., that teenage patient you just saw for acne) sitting in your parking lot with his laptop, can "sniff" the wireless information being sent via wireless router.

But that said, if you office isn't already hardwired, using a wireless router is a heck of a lot easier to set up, and will do just fine. Just be sure to turn on its encryption features to protect against inadvertently exposing patient information. Click here to watch our tutorial on networking.

Does Amazing Charts support Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

A Networked Attached Storage drive, or NAS, is essentially a hard drive that connects directly to your network instead of being attached through a computer. Because of the risks of network errors compromising database integrity, together with possible performance implications that may result from the use of network file shares to store databases, Microsoft recommends that you store database files either on local disk subsystems or on Storage Area Networks (SANs).

Refer to Microsoft's KB 304261 for more information on this. Because of this recommendation, Amazing Charts does not currently support using a NAS configuration.

(If you don't know what we're talking about, you are likely not using a NAS unit, so don't worry.)

Can I get to my records from home or another office?

Yes. You can access your office records over the Internet using a remote access program such as LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Window's built-in Remote Desktop, or any number of other programs designed to allow you to work remotely.

We find LogMeIn (free) to be the most user-friendly and easiest to use from anywhere. These programs will allow you to log into your office computer as if you are sitting right there, from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

What about OffSite Backup. Is it safe?

We're Serious About Security. We use 128-Bit Encryption (or better) through a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) for all data that contains patient information. SSL applies encryption between two communicating applications, such as your PC and our corporate servers.

When your data is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted. We use 128-bit encryption. Encryption is a technology that allows secure transmittal of information along the Internet by encoding the transmitted data using a mathematical formula that scrambles it. Without a corresponding "decoder," the transmission would look like nonsense text and would be unusable.

The effectiveness (or level of security) for encryption is measured in terms of how long the encryption key is — the longer the key, the longer it would take for someone without the correct "decoder" to break the code. In other words, to decode a 128-bit encryption key, a hacker using a computer better than what exists today, would have to spend 2,000,000,000,000,000,000 years before getting through all the possible combinations needed to crack the encryption code. So we, and the government (and HIPAA) feel this is good enough.

Voice Recognition & Other Cool Features

Can I use Voice Recognition software with Amazing Charts?

Can I use Voice Recognition software with Amazing Charts?

Yes! Amazing Charts is voice-enabled and works seamlessly with Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) Medical version, Windows voice engine, and most other voice recognition software. Click here to see voice control of Amazing Charts in action.       

Can Amazing Charts save a patient photo?

Yep, of course. Patient photos are saved on their demographic page, and you can also take images of rashes or other physical findings and save them in the patient note. (We even have the ability to mark up an illustration, such as the location of a suspicious mole.)

Can Amazing Charts generate a pediatric growth curve?

Yep, of course. Just click the Growth Curve button when in a patient's chart. Curves are plotted on the updated CDC standard graphs, including BMI. You can see this in our Overview Movie Demonstration


Can Amazing Charts do billing?

Yes! When you sign your notes in Amazing Charts, an electronic superbill is automatically generated and saved. At the end of the day, you can export these superbills (which contain the patient's demographics, ICD, and CPT codes) to a text file which can be imported into your own billing software or given (or uploaded) to a third-party billing service.

Given the high fees and poor customer service of many third-party billers, and the average price of 7 - 10% of doing billing in-house, our users have asked us to use our market share and technology to offer a billing service they can count on - and we have done it! The Amazing Charts Billing Service allows you to upload your superbill data to us nightly over a secure connection. The cost is just 5% of money actually collected! There are no hidden setup fees or other charges!

With the click of a button, you can upload your daily superbills to us securely, and we will amaze you with our billing abilities. Our third party billing partners will insure your billing gets done right, clean submissions are completed in a timely fashion, and denials are followed through. Get immediate access to your financial data and real-time online information from any computer connected to the Internet. Let us show you the benefits of moving your billing to us.

Click here for more information on our Amazing Charts Billing Service and to check out what our online reports look like.