"A nurse from one of the largest private schools in our state said that our immunization records are the best looking and cleanest she has ever seen."

— Galen Y.K. Chock, MD, Honolulu, HI


KLAS Ambulatory 1-10 Physician Report – March 2015

KLAS Research, a leader in measuring healthcare technology, just published New Leaders in the Small Practice Market: Ambulatory EMR Performance 2015 (1-10 Physicians).

Amazing Charts was ranked:

  • #1 in Overall Ease of Use (8.1 out of 9)
  • #1 in Sales Contracting Experience
  • #1 in Avoids “Nickel and Diming”
  • #2 in Overall Satisfaction out of 20 Vendors

KLAS also asked practices to rank if their current EHR is the best EHR they have ever used. The average score is 25 percent. Amazing Charts scored an astonishing 58 percent – more than double the industry average!