Last week I attended my first Amazing Charts Users Conference (ACUC) since joining the Amazing Charts family two years ago, and the experience I had was fun, inspiring and enlightening.

I’m not new to Health IT, but the sunny Orlando weather brought together a clearly close knit and supportive community of healthcare Providers and staff with a common mission that I have not seen anywhere else.

A Common Mission: Enabling the Provider

This common mission was simple and clear, enabling the Providers, clinicians and staff of independent practices both small and large to deliver healthcare that truly has an impact on patients.

I was given the opportunity to hear many stories of how the different people I met have used Amazing Charts to enable their heartfelt missions, such as truly effective care for home-bound elders, easily accessible rural primary care, and innovative and affordable micro-practices. Even more inspiring was seeing attendees share knowledge and know-how that their own experiences had given them.

Having been to a myriad of different conferences and Health IT industry shows before, I can say that this mission definitely does not exist in many other places and what the Amazing Charts community has fostered is rare and valuable to say the least.

Coming Soon: Thrive Patient Engagement Platform

Being the Product Manager for our upcoming new patient engagement platform, Thrive, I was ready with pie charts, slide shows and more to eagerly show our community of users a vision that I thought was the key to better care and engagement. However, Amazing Charts’ great community gave me far more wisdom about what we needed to realize our vision then I could have imagined.

I was also happy to see positive and constructive feedback to what we have been working on for the past year-and-a-half regarding engagement, as it signaled to me that we had succeeded in better listening to the needs of practices and their patients in the community.

I’d like to thank the users who provided this great experience for me, I am excited to work with you to provide the tools you need for the missions you undertake in providing great care.