Earlier this month I had the pleasure of presenting at the Amazing Charts Users Conference (ACUC) in Orlando. It was great to get out of the office and meet clients, many of whom I have spoken to or emailed with over the years. The conference had a positive vibe and there was ample sharing of ideas.

Tricks are treats

One of the major themes I heard repeated throughout the weekend was how to save time with little-known tips and tricks. It didn’t matter if you had been using Amazing Charts for three months or three years, there were timesaving tips for everyone.

Each session had new ideas to consider, from different workflows, to quick commands in the program, to alternate ways to create templates. It was always fun and satisfying watching users as they hear a timesaving tip for the first time – a “lightbulb” goes off in their head and their eyes open wide.

Here’s just one great example: hold down the Control (CTRL) key and then press S twice and enter. You have just signed and saved a charts with four keystrokes.  Click here for more tips and tricks from the conference.

The buzz around Version 9

The rest of the “buzz” at the conference was about Version 9, the most exciting release of Amazing Charts EHR in a decade.

New features that got rave reviews from attendees included medications that auto-expire, new workflow for reconciling orders, the new ability to access charts that are in a user’s inbox, and dramatic performance improvements (i.e., faster speed opening and closing charts, etc.).

Houston, we have training liftoff!

Interested in getting trained on Version 9?  We have several options to best fit your practice, from remote one-on-one training to onsite training at your office. We also hold regional Amazing Academy classroom trainings.  The next Amazing Academy is in Houston on June 24-25th.

All in all the conference was a good one. I got to meet new people, exchange ideas, and even learn a thing or two from the doctors themselves. I am looking forward to next year’s conference. If you missed out this year, please consider coming to an Amazing Academy. *wink*