At Amazing Charts, we believe speech recognition is an incredibly powerful productivity tool when paired with our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. You can efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s record.

Unfortunately, some people are intimidated by speech recognition technology. They think they can’t use speech recognition because of their accent, or the cost is too high, or that it will actually slow them down. These are all myths, so let’s dispel each one.

Trained to understand your accent

Have you avoided speech recognition because you have a strong speaking accent? Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is programmable to understand your accent based on a few simple questions about yourself. Dragon will understand you, no matter where or how you learned to speak English.

Dragon Medical’s Tier 3 Support Package will also give you up to eight hours of training to help you create customized speech recognition templates for your medical specialty.

We can help you with cost

What about the cost? Did you know that as an Amazing Charts client you are entitled to a significant discount? You can purchase Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with a PowerMic II for several hundred dollars off the list price.

Slow you down? Quite the opposite

Can speech recognition slow you down?  Not at all.  Speech recognition has the opposite effect. With the right voice recognition package and EHR configuration, you can be completing your detailed charts in under five minutes, and a follow-up visit in under three minutes.

On average, clinicians who use Dragon Medical with Amazing Charts can reduce the time they spend documenting care by 30 minutes or more per day. That’s the equivalent of 125 hours of saved time over a calendar year!  Think about what you could do with all the extra time…

In one recent example, Dr. Maurice Marholin was always in the office completing charts long after his last patient and staff had left for the day. Once he started using Dragon Medical with Amazing Charts EHR, Dr. Marholin said, “You gave me my life back!” He can now complete a chart before a patient visit concludes, and makes it home in time for dinner every night.

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