Amazing Charts Practice Management (ACPM) was first announced roughly a year-and-a-half ago, and since then we’ve learned a lot about our clients’ needs in the areas of billing and practice finance.

These lessons are the result of hundreds of successful ACPM implementations. Through the sales process, we’ve also had hundreds of “discovery” conversations with practices. Finally, we asked the nine-member Clinician Advisory Board (CAB) for feedback.

Here’s the first set of lessons we learned:

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

Every Amazing Charts EHR user already has a workable billing solution in place today, or else they would not be in practice. The general attitude among most customers is “I don’t want to fix something that works for me today,” which makes sense because change is inherently risky.

But there’s also a major caveat…

You don’t know what you don’t know

We’ve discovered something else from talking to customers: Maybe you’ve lived with an inferior billing process for so long that the pain it creates no longer registers.

When many of our EHR clients take a long, hard look at their current billing solution and compare it to a seamlessly integrated EHR+PM solution, the flaws become more evident.

They lack financial reporting tools…or their biller no longer delivers excellent service at a reasonable cost…or their EHR-to-PM interface is costing them more than they realize in productivity.

Your staff might have a different opinion than you

A large number of our clients use interfaces to connect their Amazing Charts EHR systems to legacy PM systems such as AdvancedMD, Collaborate MD, EZClaim, Lytec, Medisoft, and TotalMD.

These interfaces often require double-entry of critical information, like patient insurance details or missing reimbursement codes, which falls upon the staff to do. Practice owners often lose sight of the lost productivity and errors/claim denials that result from all this extra typing.

Ask your staff how they feel about your current solution, and you may be surprised by what you hear.

If you’re still using paper claims, you could be getting paid much faster

For practices still printing paper superbills from Amazing Charts EHR, switching to our integrated EHR+PM solution means getting paid much faster. This is due to submission of claims through an electronic clearinghouse.

According to one practice that started using ACPM, “What’s amazing is how quickly we get paid through the electronic clearinghouse. Blue Cross/Blue Shield pays in about a week. We were just added to United Healthcare’s network, and got paid in even less time.”

Your biller isn’t working as hard as you think

Several clients who converted to ACPM complained to us about third-party billers. Some billers held back sending claims to payers to make monthly “batch submissions,” adding weeks to payments. Other billers made themselves hard to reach by phone or email for even simple questions about denials and other issues.

And most billers fail to provide physician-owners with visibility into a practice’s overall financial picture with reports on aged accounts receivables, unpaid/unbilled claims, provider activity by plan, etc. Sounds like a bad deal for six percent or more of your total revenue.

Come back next month for part two of this blog, including one of the most important lessons learned: Who should not use ACPM.