Amazing Backup could have saved them from disaster.

About one-third of Amazing Charts practices also use our offsite data backup service, which is a surprisingly small number considering how much heartbreak and headache it can help you avoid.

Just ask Rees Family Medical (San Luis Obispo, CA), an Amazing Charts EHR client since 2012.

Lisa Montoya, the practice manager for Rees Family Medical, came to us in a panic a few weeks ago. Their Amazing Charts server had been stolen from an exam room. Their IT person hadn’t made a full data backup since 2014, which was also the last time a new version of Amazing Charts had been installed.

Ultimately, the practice lost two years of Amazing Charts EHR data.

“It’s been a complete nightmare,” said Montoya. “Just to catch up, we have our entire staff of twelve people inputting demographic and insurance information for new patients added since 2014, as well as updating the charts of older patients . All of our appointments were lost and need to be reentered.”

She continued: “The worst part is we delayed receipt of billings by nearly forty-five days, which has a huge impact on us financially. This horrible situation could have been avoided completely if we had been using Amazing Backup.”

How Amazing Backup works

Amazing Backup is fully automated service that saves your Amazing Charts EHR data, including imported items, at a data center with 24/7/365 on-site security, backup power generators, and disaster recovery. Connectivity is via secure encrypted 256-bit SSL.

After the first full backup is completed, incremental backup technology reduces the size of subsequent backups. This means fast performance, full restore, and backup of even the largest imaging files.

You set the schedule for automated backups. Most clients have it run after office hours, say, in the middle of the night.

Not all backups are created equal

Some clients use generic offsite backup services, like Carbonite, but those companies do not know the specific Amazing Charts data set and how to restore it like we do.  For this reason, consultants generally advise their clients to trust a software provider with managing data backup rather than a third-party vendor.

Other users think saving Amazing Charts to another hard drive in the office is sufficient.  Some people actually take these hard drives home with them for added “security.” But a backup in the office is useless if a flood or fire destroys it, or if a thief or disgruntled employee steals it.

Rees Family Medical learned its lesson, and now uses Amazing Backup daily. We hope you never face a disaster like the one that hit Rees Family Medical, but why take the chance?  Click here to learn more about Amazing Backup.