In the remote villages of the Transkei region of South Africa, medical services are rare and even common medications can be non-existent. Lack of sanitary water means that parasites and skin infections, such as scabies, are widespread among children. Orphans of parents who died from HIV have practically no access to basic healthcare.

These are the reasons why Michael Garver, MD, has made three “medical mission” trips to Africa. Dr. Garver, a pediatrician practicing independently in Great Falls, Montana, brings Amazing Charts EHR to Africa to record demographics and treatments for follow-up visits. He even uses Amazing Charts to track the growth of children from visit to visit.

“We needed an ‘off-the-shelf’ EHR that could be loaded onto a ruggedized laptop computer and run without any Internet connection,” explains Dr. Gerver. “Amazing Charts is the perfect solution and it does everything we need.”

Dr. Garver and his team of medical and non-medical volunteers treat up to 70 children each day in orphanages and small villages. “Amazing Charts is efficient at documentation, which allows us to see a lot of kids in a single day,” says Dr. Garver. “We plan to use the data collected to show our financial supporters the value of their donations.

Another mission is planned for October 2017, but Dr. Garver is unable to attend. He seeks a family physician or pediatrician who can go in his place. Please email [email protected] to learn more.


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