Managing Your Chronic Patient Population

Maintaining consistent care among your chronic patient population is necessary for practices, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With offices temporarily closed and appointments being cancelled, it’s important to ensure your chronic patients are actively contributing to their own care. Click here to learn how care coordination and chronic care management allows you to ensure your chronic patients are informed and following proactive care plans.

Are you looking for ways to increase revenue and take advantage of the recent stimulus plan? Do you have patients who are now unable to visit your office but need consistent care? If so, we can help, through remote clinical staff augmentation.

If your Medicare Population exceeds 250 patients or you have a patient segment covered by a plan supporting the Chronic Care Management codes (for patients with two or more chronic conditions), you may qualify to bill for existing codes related to CCM, remote patient monitoring and behavioral health, all fully managed by external clinical and administrative staff.

Amazing Charts Practice Support is a service designed to alleviate financial burdens and fill gaps in patient care. Because the program leverages existing billing codes, you can begin immediately with no upfront costs. Click here to learn more about Amazing Charts Practice Support.