Using Speech Recognition
to Reduce Burnout

Patient Satisfaction

As providers continue to feel the burnout related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many nurses are turning to efficient technology tools to help reduce their stress and increase time with patients. One solution these providers are turning to is voice recognition software to help complete charts. Suong Nguyen, RN, a critical care nurse, said “the use of speech-recognition technology in nursing documentation has helped me greatly in reducing the time I spent documenting and, in turn, being able to give back that time directly to patient care.” Nguyen and other voice recognition users are able to reduce clicks and spend less time charting. 

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The Benefits of Voice Recognition Software in Clinical Documentation

To keep up with government requirements and increasing documentation needs, implementing voice recognition technology may be a critical key to supporting healthcare providers as they become more productive participants in the clinical documentation process. Voice recognition can significantly improve the effectiveness of any medical facility, from a small independent provider to a larger hospital setting.

While basic health conditions are relatively easy to input using voice recognition, the technology is especially helpful for chronicling the story of the more nuanced, multi-symptom patient. Previous methods of dictation or typing might become cumbersome for these cases, but voice recognition allows the provider to simply relate the patient’s story in full detail to provide better insights and treatment plans. Other key benefits of incorporating voice recognition include:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Decreased turnaround
  • Reduced errors
  • More productivity
  • Compliance
  • Improved billing
  • More revenue
  • Lower costs
  • Better care

To see voice recognition software in action and learn how it can reduce your charting time, watch our video here.