Marketing Your Practice During
the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patient Engagement

According to health care marketing experts in the February 2021 Medical Economics Journal, “this is the ideal time to connect with new and existing patients, serve as a resource and explain how to access care.” Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, competition is increasing between independent practices and large, hospital-owned facilities. During this time, patient loyalty is diminishing, as they “may be more willing to switch providers if they perceive that those other entities provide safer, more efficient care.”

Implementing an effective and affordable marketing strategy can help you connect with current patients while potentially attaining new clients. Messaging should be focused on how your practice has adjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways patients are able to still receive care. Being informative and front of mind with your patients encourages them to seek out your care, bolstering your overall patient volume.

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Grow Your Practice: Bold Marketing Ideas to Attract New Patients

As the medical community evolves into a patient-centered focus, its marketing must also adapt to that direction. Investing in your practice’s marketing strategies allows you to attract new patients and maintain positive communications with them. In addition to attracting new patients, a strong marketing program can help to strengthen relationships with current patients and shore up the existing patient base.

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