Effectively Managing Physician
Work-Life Balance

By Kelsey Oliveira

As workplace demands increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many physicians are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance than before. Threats of physician burnout are increasing, as providers have difficulty managing their practice, handling responsibilities and prioritizing family life. By setting realistic expectations and more attainable goals, you can set yourself on the right path to taking control of your wellness.

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Using Technology Tools to Improve Doctor Work-Life Balance

Today’s doctors combat stress from every imaginable angle. They need to carry a heavy patient load to cover their overheads costs, pay steep malpractice insurance premiums, and still make a profit. Insurance companies require mounds of paperwork to document and support claims, and seem to fight the physician’s medical choices at every turn. 

Including new government mandates and an ongoing pandemic, all of that is certainly enough to create physician burnout on its own, as doctors spend increasing amounts of time at the office in an effort to keep the practice afloat and still provide quality care. The idea of being able to take any kind of break to recharge their physical and emotional well-being is impossible to imagine. Electronic technology and digital devices now make it possible for the office to follow the physician virtually anywhere on earth.

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Kelsey Oliveira is a Marketing Specialist at Amazing Charts and joined the company in 2019. She enjoys providing useful content and resources to help independent practices thrive.