Outsourcing Chronic Care Management for Your Private Practice

By Kelsey Oliveira

Despite the increase of patients with chronic conditions in the US, many independent practices are reluctant to utilize outsourced chronic care management (CCM) or remote patient monitoring (RPM) services. “Incorporating a dedicated CCM program can provide many operational and financial benefits to practices regardless of size, thus improving outcomes for patients overall.” When paired with an efficient EHR, third-party remote care solutions allow providers to fill gaps in care while increasing financial revenue for the practice. 

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Improve Health Outcomes with a Chronic Care Management Tool

Helping patients lead healthier lives is the primary reason most providers enter the medical profession, but far too often they get bogged down in administrative tasks. Chronic Care Management, or CCM, looks to refocus attention on providing services that lead to improved health within your overall patient population. CCM is the coordination of care services which are furnished outside of regular office visits.  A dedicated CCM tool paired with your EHR can help improve chronic patient care, as well as:

  • Increased Patient Involvement
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Reimbursement
  • New Revenue Stream
  • Better Health Outcomes

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Kelsey Oliveira is a Marketing Specialist at Amazing Charts and joined the company in 2019. She enjoys providing useful content and resources to help independent practices thrive.