Clinician Insights Lead to
Greater EHR Efficiency

Patient Engagement

Even though electronic health records, or EHRs, are designed to make physicians’ lives easier, many vendors lack crucial clinician insight to make their solution efficient for providers. According to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, “Many EHR products were designed with billing, payer requirements, and meaningful use criteria in mind, rather than clinician use.” This lack of clinician insight in usability testing leads to inefficiencies in care delivery and increased physician burnout among these EHR users. EHR vendors who place a focus on clinician use, or even have a physician directly influence product development, are more likely to create a solution that decreases overall charting time, improves the physician-patient relationship, and focuses on usability over design.

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Most physicians feel as though their current EHR has an unnatural and click intensive structure to it, limiting how they interact with patients and input their data. Many systems are designed by software developers, without the influence of practitioners, resulting in a confusing and inefficient charting experience. 

Fortunately, Amazing Charts EHR was designed by a doctor for doctors. Instead of a disorganized interface, Amazing Charts EHR was created to mimic a paper chart. This format is easily adaptable for both current and non-EHR users because it relies on a charting method a majority of practitioners are familiar and comfortable with. Because of this notion, the system is user-friendly and easy-to-use, with many first-time users understanding how it works within a matter of minutes.

Rather than hindering physicians’ abilities through unusable charting methods, Amazing Charts EHR is focused on actually making their lives easier and letting them focus on the patient, not a computer screen.

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